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Why turn to online learning?

Last updated September 2nd, 2015

It is easy to be dazzled by the choice of study options when you are looking to launch or relaunch your career. First you have to choose what to study, then which provider and finally how you will study it. And all the time you’ll be asking yourself “How do I make sure I get the kind of job I want after I’ve done all this?”
Our advice: choose a method of study that suits you. You will perform better and you’ll get the most from it. More and more students are turning to distance learning now University tuition fees have increased and fewer of us have the time to spend a year or more on full time study.
What are the benefits of online study?
Here are some of the benefits of online study, see if any of them apply to you. This will help you make a decision on the best course.
1) You set the pace
By following a set of video lectures and practical exercises at home you can absorb as much or as little of the course as you need to at any one time. Everyone works differently so you may want to revisit module 3, while another person would find it useful to go back over module 7, for example. An online course lets you do that whenever you like without having to hold up the rest of the class. This can also be helpful if English isn’t your first language.
2) It works around you
The times and locations you study are dictated by you. You can study anywhere, any time to make retraining or setting up your dream career fit around your other commitments.
3) Self motivation
It is often said that the downside of you choosing when, where and how you study is the need for strong self motivation. Employers look for evidence of proactive behaviour when recruiting. Completing a high qualification course online is a great way to show you have the initiative and the drive to succeed.
4) Course design
The way your course is designed makes a huge difference to how well you do with online learning. Not attending lectures doesn’t mean you don’t get any guidance. Our online courses are all set up with our recommended flow through the topics and topical assessments to keep you on track.
5) You are not alone
It may be scary to think you won’t be attending lectures with the same group every day, but you aren’t alone when you study online. Other online training providers encourage students to connect using online forums. We use a purpose built portal to allow our students to communicate with lecturers, other students, Event Academy Alumni and find volunteering opportunities.
If you thought online study was a lower quality option compared to on-site training then think again. It may be exactly what you need to fit alongside all the other things in your busy life.
Featured photo by College Degrees 360 used under a Creative Commons license

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