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Conference are closely linked to a goal the client has and aligned with what attendees expectations are. If you like people, logistics and enjoy a goal-focused challenge then conference management could be for you.

A Day In The Life of Conference Event Management

The preparation and behind the scenes of a successful conference is the culmination of a lot of planning hard work. A conference producers’ daily to-do list will include any (and frequently all) of the five following aspects:

  • Research – venue, speakers and technological developments to support delivery – as well as feasibility and competition.
  • Planning – all aspects of the schedule, format, and content of the conference. You’ll also either be in charge of marketing and promoting the conference, or will be expected to work alongside a marketing department to ensure the conference achieves its goals.
  • Managing – hands-on phase of making sure that any contractors involved are preparing or performing as required, ensuring customer-service for delegates, and strategising to ensure that none of the clients’ desired outcomes are overlooked.
  • Delivering – ensuring all logistics happen seamlessly, problem-solve any issues and deliver any in-conference events, such as awards and evaluation sessions.
  • Evaluation – monitoring and evaluating outcomes and reporting back to client.

Whether you’ve just completed school studies, a university degree or you’re moving into events from another career path, you’ll be surprised how many transferrable skills you already have to offer. Studying Conference Event Management with Event Academy will also help you build fledgling skills into professional strengths.

Getting Into Conference Event Management

As with all events careers, gaining experience is vital. Our Foundation and Diploma Courses offer access to plenty of experience through volunteering, whilst our Postgraduate and Degree-Alternative courses offer a 3-month optional work placement.

You can of course access our online courses from wherever you are, however, as London is the #1 location for conferences, you can also gain a real advantage by studying with us here.

Because the role of a conference event manager requires significant skills in marketing, our CIM accredited qualifications help demonstrate to potential employers and agencies that you understand what’s behind successful conferences for clients and attendees, something that also makes your CV stand out.

Career Opportunities

There are over 1.3 million business events held annually in the UK – including conferences and seminars (Eventbrite). From working freelance to being employed by an agency, a local company, national brand or global corporation, it’s no surprise that conference management can offer a wealth of roles.

The are considerable sector and brand opportunities for successful professionals. For instance, as a Conference Director, you could work for:

  • Public sector services – the NHS, local authorities and education authorities regularly use conferencing as a way of sharing information and practice.
  • Corporate and Industry clients – conferences and seminars, for education, brand awareness and communicating ideas and practice.
  • Charities – charities are only able to thrive through funding, networking, and sharing. Conferences are vital to share information and research, raise awareness and campaign issues.
  • Private sector – rapidly growing in the hospitality sector. Hotels, landmark buildings and private conference venues all competing to be a part of the conference events industry.Event Academy qualifications will help you gain the professional knowledge and expertise, plus the advantage of being work-ready across any of those sectors.

Our Expert Lecturers

At Event Academy, we’re all about learning through experience. All our lecturers are event industry experts, delivering live events as well as lecturing for us … so you can learn through their experiences too.

Rupert FitzMaurice – our very active Director here at Event Academy, Rupert FitzMaurice, offers his career experience in his lectures which include event management in the corporate, conference and seminar worlds. His inimitable focus on engaging people rather than processes has made him not only sought-after in conference event planning but also in leading lectures and seminars which empower as well as educate, here at Event Academy,

Rosie Ham – Event Producer Rosie’s events experience working across the vast sectors of finance and media means she offers real insight into team-leadership, corporate project management and creating engagement through the planning and delivery of world-class conferences and seminars. Rosie’s success in this sector of events has led to her emergence as a career role model for many of our alumni, including Victoria Smart.

Maarten De Ruyck found the lectures were perfectly pitched to help support learning, understanding, and experience of not just what it is to manage events, but what’s really behind being a successful event manager:

“The lecturers are really professional and engaged, and bring a real positive energy to their lectures and to the students.”

Our lecturers don’t just stand up and tell you all about it, they involve you with on-site visits to in-progress events they’re working on.  This immersion with the work of professional event managers will have a real impact on both your learning and your professional experiences.

Can’t find a sector or unsure which suits you best? We are here to help.

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