Fashion events never go out of style and none of them happen without a great deal of hard work, dynamic direction and design, extended measures of management and creativity that works both commercially and aesthetically!

Phew, so if you’ve got the energy for events, a flair for fashion and want to combine these into a highly exciting events career, which is likely to see you globe-trotting, then Event Academy can really help to get you started.


A Day in the Life of a Fashion Event Planner



You’re probably already aware that there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ day for an event planner, but this can be even more true for a fashion event manager! In the run-up to events, as well as live event days themselves, you can expect to work long hours – as well as spending time traveling.

Just as your capsule wardrobe of classics is often a foundation for fashion style, there’s a whole closet of competencies which underpin a fast-paced events role in fashion. So, across each day, you can expect to use these skills to help you dress your event (and your career) for success:

  • Communication – written, verbal – strengths in being clear and concise will really help you to be productive.
  • Organisation – this role puts a major demand on your organisational skills as fashion events can literally involve hundreds of individuals and companies – and someone has to have the overview of all that!
  • Creativity – the fashion industry is all about ‘the new’ even if it’s got a retro-twist, so every day and every fashion event you’re involved in will both challenge (and hopefully inspire) your creativity.
  • Observation – this role demands that you’re observant when it comes to all those little details which add up to absolute perfection. From backdrop, to schedule, to front-of-event flair, every day will bring some detail which will need to be not just ‘dealt with’ but developed, delegated and redesigned to support the style and ethos of the whole event.

Of course, not everyone has all of these skills to start with, so if your closet of competencies is looking a little threadbare, our courses can really help you get suited and booted for this new career.

How to Get into Fashion Event Management

As well as being an industry which is all about design, creativity, and inspiration, the fashion industry’s also very much about marketing: those shows aren’t just for displaying designers’ creativity, they’re also about selling the designs, ideas, and garments and accessories.

So, taking an event management qualification which includes a strong element of professional marketing is an essential to help break into this industry. All Event Academy qualifications are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), something which can really make a difference to prospective employers when it comes to putting yourself in the spotlight for getting into the highly competitive world of fashion events.

You also can’t beat experience – both for getting yourself noticed and for getting yourself work-ready and confident so that when an opportunity arises you can get straight in there and hit that catwalk (or rather the stage behind it) running! So, whether you’re switching careers, improving your current event management skills or starting out with event management, we have courses which can fit flexibly with what you need: such as online study or full or part-time live learning here with us in London. You can also study at whichever level suits you:


  • Foundation – an intensive, level 3 qualification to introduce you to the events industry.
  • Diploma – a level 4 certified qualification covering everything you need to know about the fundamentals of event management – and then some!
  • Postgraduate – a level 7 qualification with an initial 3 months of learning, volunteering and practice, followed by 3 months of work placement.
  • Degree-alternative – progressing from level 3 to level 7, this combination of our Foundation, Diploma and Postgraduate courses is around a third of the cost and time of a traditional degree course and offers live event management, work placement and individual mentoring.


Fashion Event Planning Career Opportunities - from Exciting Roles to Big-Name Brands and Companies

Oh yes, when it comes to opportunities for working with big brands, the fashion industry really has it covered! From working with designers, such as Dior, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Valentino or Gucci, to working with top fashion agencies like Blonstein and INCA on the delivery of new fashion lines, or working with brands like Swarovski and Vogue – the world of fashion is extremely eventful and global – and a successful event manager is the ultimate accessory for every season!

Fashion event planners are often also brought in to support brand retailers (such as Rolex and Swarovski), corporations and charities in organising and delivering fashion events to launch new lines and products, create brand and message engagement, offer awards and rewards, and to raise money. So, whatever your reason for wanting to work in fashion events, it can be possible to find a route in via another industry, such as charity or marketing.

Whatever route suits you best, you’ll find fashion event roles are available across the world, so being willing to travel as an event planner can really open up your prospects when it comes to making a career out of fashion event management. Well known fashion hubs like London, Milan, Paris and New York are of course the obvious ones, but red-carpet fashion events also abound in locations such as Hollywood and Dubai.

Again, competition is rife for fashion roles, so having an events qualification which includes industry-respected CIM accreditation can really help your CV to stand out when it comes to finding the right career opportunity.

Find out what our lecturers have to say about working in fashion events


Fashion Event Planning - Our Expert Lecturers


At Event Academy, we’re all about learning through experience – and we don’t just mean your own! All our lecturers are event industry experts, delivering live events as well as lecturing for us … so you can learn through their experiences too.

Our lecturers also offer their own areas of expertise – so if you’re looking to become a fashion event planner, you’ll be learning from those who have a flair for fashion and can deliver event designs which match the glamour demanded in this very creative area of events:

  • Josef Jammerbund – Josef’s not only an active Events Director, his amazing events career has included being Head of Events at the British Fashion Council, which included producing London Fashion Week and The Fashion Awards. So, it’s safe to say that if you’re keen to learn about fashion events, then Josef’s inspirational lectures are the place to be!
  • Jonathan Price – as the very busy MD of his own highly-respected events company, Event Producer Jonathan works within the heart of the event industry and brings his experience directly to his incredibly popular lectures on all aspects of live event production, including fashion shows. His theatrical background and experience of working in London’s West End mean he has plenty of anecdotes to share and working examples of how to not just talk the talk, but walk the (cat) walk when it comes to fashion events!
  • Could add Martin Turner here too?

And of course, our lecturers don’t just stand up and tell you all about it, many also involve you, with on-site visits to in-progress events they’re working on, something which has a real impact both on your learning experience and your professional experience, as alumni Hayley found on her Postgraduate course:

“It’s brilliant to see how the lecturers actually work when they are on site.”

Our courses readily include this level of immersion with the work of professional event managers, because our aim is simple: this experiential basis for all of our learning content should really enhance your own knowledge, practice, network, opportunities, and prospects when it comes to stepping out into fashion events.

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