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By KirstenMarch 24th, 2016

Are you at a point in your career or in your studies where you want to feel some real progress? We’re not saying there’s a quick fix to avoid hard work, but when you can feel you’re already soaring, the hard work becomes a joy instead of a chore.
People come to event management from a huge variety of backgrounds. Current student, Hayley Kemp, decided on a career change from acting and theatre production to event management.
Graduate profile:

“I’ve discovered I’m more creative than I thought”

After 10 years pursuing a career in theatre, Hayley Kemp decided to follow her creative ambition while making it into a whole new world of possibilities in the events industry.
Hayley said that finding her creativity while studying might sound odd. After all she has come from the theatre industry, one that most of us think of as one of the most creative. She found being the creative spark behind a brilliant marketing campaign for a well known brand and an exciting event really inspires her.

“It’s a big change of direction in my life”

Hayley is used to being the driving force behind her own brand, having managed and marketed her own theatre productions.  We think that’s impressive work for someone who is only in her mid twenties.
However, she was looking for something more rewarding in a career when she started considering event management. After studying a degree and a masters and putting her heart and soul into acting, she didn’t want to spend another few years studying. She wanted to get stuck in to a new career and didn’t want to be waiting around for the next phase of her life to take off.

 “It’s brilliant to see how the lecturers actually work when they are on site”

Hayley is inspired by being immersed in how the events team works and then by seeing the results. Through the course she’s discovered she’s drawn to the bigger picture of an event driven marketing campaign and how that in turn feeds the brand image for the client.
She describes her career role model, Elizabeth Taylor, as being a pioneer. She not only established herself as a successful actress, but maintained her unique style and used it to market her own brand. Further, she then went on to give something back by doing amazing work for charity.  Hayley has the ambition to build her own empire and we’re excited to see where her path takes her.
If, like Hayley, you’re interested in taking your talents into an industry that is rewarding and full of endless different possibilities take a look at our postgraduate and diploma courses. You can get qualified in a matter of months, ready to take on the rest of the world!
Featured image by Moyan Brenn, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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