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Combining Diploma and Postgraduate Courses

Whilst Diploma courses on any subject can be an excellent way of gaining new knowledge or translating experience into a qualification, in many cases diplomas cover significant ground when it comes to learning a topic, but don’t quite offer enough depth.

One of the key benefits of Event Academy professional qualifications is that they offer opportunities for progressive study, whilst taking core aspects studied at diploma level into a deeper level of understanding and wider application as part of a postgraduate course brings a wider and more expansive professional knowledge which is ideal both for CPD and for demonstrating your suitability for a role to potential employers.

Diploma in Event Management and Marketing

The Diploma in Event Management and Marketing course is accessible to anyone looking to explore event management and gain a qualification which is both recognised and respected within the industry. Available for study by two different methods: a 12 week programme of study and assessment, including in-house lectures at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London and event venues; or the remote study opportunity from the Online Diploma, delivered via a fully customisable online learning platform. The online study option also offers a more open-ended time frame, to suit those who need to earn whilst they learn.

Overall Diploma course content includes professional practice in:


Becoming involved in a live project is also part of the diploma and includes the chance to develop practice in creating events, problem-solving to create event solutions and pitching to present ideas to clients. From London’s Business Design Centre base, students can also participate in city-wide events through volunteering or work experience.


The postgraduate programme of study extends across 6 months and is made up of 3 months of academic study and practical learning, followed by a further 3 months of industry work placement at a compatible charity, company or venue – an exciting opportunity to be hands-on in a professional capacity whilst exploring the events industry and extending your learning.

As a full-time course, based in London, the postgraduate course offers the chance for would-be event managers to immerse themselves in a hub of learning at the Business Design Centre as well as a city alive with events, exhibitions and activities. Lectures are wide-ranging and engaging and include high profile guest speakers from throughout the industry. Modules studied include:


Being involved in work placements and 3 live projects across the 6 months is integral to the practical application of the course’s theory and academic learning, presenting an opportunity to develop and hone all of the transferable skills required for a role in event management, such as communication, organisation, marketing, promotion and evaluation skills.

Double the trouble?

Although many individuals may think that rather than take two consecutive courses (diploma and postgraduate) it might be easier to take the traditional university degree route to study and qualify in event management. However, this can sometimes not be the ideal solution. For one thing, traditional university courses generally take approximately three years and incur considerable costs in:


Conversely, the complete Diploma and Postgraduate programme of study with Event Academy can be completed within a year and with far less cost in tuition fees, saving considerably on both time and money. In fact, far from being double the trouble, Event Academy study can be half the cost of traditional degree routes and offer just as much rigour of study and additional prospects through its links with high profile event industry companies and experts.

Credit where credit’s due

One of the additional benefits offered by the Event Academy Diploma and Postgraduate programmes of study comes from their Royal Charter accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), one of the leading marketing bodies.

With the diploma offering level 4 and the postgraduate course offering level 7 accreditation, CIM recognises the depth of study, quality of content and reputation for industry knowledge and practice that Event Academy qualifications presents.

Studying with Event Academy reflects action as well as practice

With both courses involving work experience and volunteering at London events, Event Academy qualifications offer a vital opportunity for networking and building up contacts within the industry – excellent for when it comes to looking for event management employment after completing your studies.

And when it comes to handing in that CV, Event Academy qualifications don’t just sit on your CV to demonstrate your qualification for the role; they also offer valuable evidence of your skills and can be confirmation of your experiential learning across a whole host of events which form part of the course.

Using your Event Academy qualifications to demonstrate what you can do, as well as what you know is something can make your CV stand out to prospective employers, with the combination of diploma and postgraduate courses being invaluable in helping new event managers get their first roles in the industry.

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