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The Benefits of Event Training

Last updated May 5th, 2020

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” Ghandi

How many times have you been on a training course only to find that at best, you get through the day having learnt very little and at worst you have a really bad experience;  the registration process is disorganised, speakers do not know their subject area and there are no networking opportunities.  If the answer is yes, then join my club! In my experience many of the event training courses in our industry don’t actually work. We know…I’ve been a student on one or two, lectured on some, run a few, helped place students into jobs and even recruited graduates.  Employers agree with this: “When a student comes to work for us they need to be ready to go. Events don’t hang around and mistakes can be very costly on a live project. We can’t afford to spend 3 months retraining someone we recruited on the basis that they are fit for the job…they need to be able to contribute on day one” Jim Curley, MD M-is This is why we set up The Event Academy. We all feel passionately that graduates from event training courses and their eventual employers deserve an alternative to the status quo. Training is too valuable an opportunity to be wasted. So what are the benefits of our event training courses to you, the student?

Our Experience

We know what we are doing. Between us we have been organising events in the industry and delivering event training for over 60 years.

Our Focus is on You

The Event Academy does one thing and it does it well – train students to achieve an event management qualification so that they are able to get meaningful work. We focus on running the industry’s most effective event training courses. We really know how to do that and we have a passion for it that creates meaningful results…and jobs.

Inspirational and Effective Course Formats

Our event training courses are not simply lecture-based ‘show and tell’ formats. Events in themselves are experiences. To build an understanding of how to create, produce and deliver events the training needs to be practical, hands on and experiential. We know how to structure and create experiences that ensure learning is active, engaging and effective. This means that while the training is fun it (importantly) works for students and employers.

Manageable Course sizes

Some event training courses frequently have in excess of 70+ students, resulting in limited support or one to one mentoring. Graduates emerge lacking confidence, struggling to plug the theory of their learning into the practical needs of the industry. Ours are capped at a reasonable number to ensure a great training experience for everyone.

Valuable Qualifications

Our event training courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the world’s leading international professional marketing body with some 41,000 members. The process of accreditation is a rigorous one, but that means that we are regulated, challenged and monitored on a regular basis, giving you reassurance that you are getting the very best training that the industry has to offer.

Student Support

Students are often not supported enough during their event training course and are left high and dry once they have graduated. This is not how we operate.  Our administration team is on hand to ensure your student journey is a positive one. After graduation we want to stay in touch; you’ll join our Alumni programme that supports you as you start your career. It also provides a lifelong network of fellows and likeminded event specialists.

Central Training Location.

Our event training courses are run from the Business Design Centre, Islington.  London is the global capital of event management and event marketing. We love event training because it changes people’s lives…for the better. Join us to experience your future.
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