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Change your career in one week

Last updated August 18th, 2015

If we said you could try out a brand new career, get some hands on experience and decide if it was for you in just one week, would you be interested?
Adam Smith took our Foundation course a few weeks ago and went from no events knowledge on Monday morning to giving a group presentation on the Friday morning about his group’s plan to run a corporate event for EE for 150 people. Adam hadn’t even given a presentation before, let alone planned an entire event for a big brand.
Apart from the fun of meeting a group of new people, all thrown in at the deep end in an industry they knew little about, Adam also really enjoyed getting to apply what he was studying. He and a fellow student went on a site visit as part of the planning for the EE event on Thursday evening.
“… we smashed it and realised how much we’d taken in during the last four days. I hadn’t realised I’d learn so much so quickly and then be able to make use of it in a real situation.”
Our Foundation course is a week long, intensive and practical introduction to events management and Adam was one of our students on the course this year. He’s been working as a courier, but doesn’t exactly feel that this is his true calling. He chose event management training as it is something completely different. Who wants to be stuck doing the same job for the rest of their life?
Like many people looking for a career change, Adam is looking for something to turn into more of a career, not just a job where you turn up every day out of habit.
Spending 2 or 3 years studying before you can think of yourself as professional or say you have any work experience doesn’t suit everyone. If you’re looking for a taster and a way to get stuck in so you can really make your mind up about what you want to do, consider a short term training course with heavily practical elements. With all our courses we work to offer a way to properly get into the events industry and be learning on the job as quickly as possible.
When we spoke to Adam last week he’d already sent off several job applications and already had an interview lined up for an event management role. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for him! As another plus, his project group bonded really well and they’ve all stayed in touch since the course finished, so he already has a great support and networking group.
Adam’s already on a path to a brand new career that inspires him and tells us he’s already really enjoying it. What is your next career move?
Featured image by used under creative commons license.

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