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Do I make a difference?

Last updated March 3rd, 2016

When you think about your career is this one of the questions you ask yourself?  It’s a question Lucy Goodenday, one of our current Postgraduate Students, learned was really important to her while on the course. Lucy has finished lectures, sat the exam and is now on an events management placement with Bovingdon’s catering. So we asked her how taking the course had changed her views on her future career.

“Don’t pigeonhole yourself by choosing one thing”

Lucy never planned to make her way into event management. She’s had a passion for dancing since the age of 4 and moved from Istanbul to the UK to pursue her dream. Her passion is the most disciplined of professional dances: ballet.
Lucy describes herself as driven and, as with all our students, we’re inspired when we hear her story. Ballet isn’t for the faint hearted. Furthermore, after years of training she was advised she wouldn’t ever be selected as a prima ballerina, and would at best be part of a chorus in a ballet company.  She decided that being limited in this way wasn’t for her.

“I need to be kept busy, I need to be the one running around from place to place solving problems”

Lucy tried heading to University to figure how to make her creative mark out into the world. What she didn’t get from University was any kind of spontaneity or sense that she was doing anything that made a difference in the real world.
Amazingly, she decided to take our intensive foundation certificate over the 2nd year summer holidays, as a bit of a ‘break’. This was the first sign that she was born to be an event manager – we are a breed that never sits still!

“I needed to find something real”

So what do you get if you combine an unstoppable drive to deliver with a real-time job where something new is thrown at you every time you look up? Answer: an event manager! This combo really sparked Lucy’s passion again so she talked through her options with our team.
One of the nicest things ever said to us is that Lucy felt ‘really at home’, and ‘totally part of the Ashdown family in a way she never had at University’. So much so she decided to quit her Uni fashion course and sign up on our PG course.
Now she’s on her placement and she’s not looking back. We are so excited to see where she goes in the next few years, in her new direction. We’ll definitely stay tuned!

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