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Can I Apply For Finance?

Last updated October 22nd, 2021

It’s Important That You Check That You Are Able To Get Finance Before Applying

Our finance providers, Duologi, help students to obtain 0% interest free finance to spread the cost of the courses over up to 12 months.

As with any loan, Duologi have some rules on who can apply, if you are not able to meet these you should not apply as you will be automatically turned down and this could affect your credit rating.


Here are the 5 main rules:

You must be over 18 when you apply (and not over 75)
You must earn a wage of over £10,000 per year by working at least 16 hours a week
You must live in the UK and be able to provide 3 years of addresses of where you have lived with minimum 3-years of UK address history
You must have a UK bank account that accepts direct debits.
You must have your credit or debit card registered to your home address

Please do not apply if you don’t meet these 5 key points – contact our team HERE and we can help you find an alternative payment plan.


The next part of the application process will look at other things

Have you ever had a CCJ or any issues with payments of bills
Can you afford the monthly payments


We strongly advise you to select the longest payment terms – 12 months – as this will make the loan more likely to be accepted as you are paying lower instalments every month.

Please also think carefully back if you have ever had a County Court Judgement for an unpaid bill, parking ticket or anything like that.
This will be on your credit record and will very likely mean you will be turned down.


If you feel that the above may affect you, particularly if you are a younger student agreed 18-24, Duologi are prepared to accept applications on your behalf from your parents for example.


Please click HERE to download our PDF that gives you all the key information on the application process and also the rules.

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