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Event Ticket Software

Last updated November 25th, 2021

Event ticketing is a challenging part of managing events. Do you sell them manually? Print them the old way? Offer digital tickets? Offer event tickets online? Or something else?

Much will depend on the type of event you’re managing and your target audience, but there are a few platforms that can help.

That’s what today’s post is all about.

We have tried and tested some of the most popular event ticket software around and used our many years of experience to assess the pros and cons of each.

If you’re planning a ticketed event anytime soon and are looking for a platform to help, one of these will do the trick!

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Eventbrite is a well known name in events and a recognised mover and shaker when it comes to marketing, ticketing and promoting events.

The company has a very capable ticketing system for events with an easy to use dashboard, clever phone app and more tools and analytics than you can shake a stick at.

While you may never use some of the features, you probably will use the ticketing and marketing tools, which is why Eventbrite is in this list.

Pros of Eventbrite:

Cons of Eventbrite:


Cvent from Social Tables is another ticketing system for events worth checking out. It does more than just ticketing so it’s possible you have heard of it or have used it before.

It’s capable of handling virtual events, provides planning tools, marketing, table settings, 3D modelling, sales and has a CRM. Oh, and it handles ticketing too.

There’s a lot to get to grips with but most features are logical and well laid out so you should be up and running in no time.

Pros of Cvent:

Cons of Cvent:


Ticketleap is an American event tickets system that likes to keep things simple. It does tickets and marketing and nothing else, so it’s easy to navigate and to use. There’s a free tier, so you can try before you buy too.

Ticketleap enables you to set up an event page and build your own tickets for the event. You can then list them on your page and use the included marketing tools for emails, social media and general outreach.

It’s a simple but effective system that’s very easy to use.

Pros of Ticketleap:

Cons of Ticketleap:

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is another dedicated event tickets system that likes to keep it simple. It’s a highly rated system with lots of five-star reviews and it’s easy to see why.

The dashboard is simple, the process of creating an event and the tickets is very straightforward and it uses a very simple template system to set everything up.

Ticket Tailor doesn’t charge per ticket either. Instead, it uses a flat monthly fee to use.

Pros of Ticket Tailor:

Cons of Ticket Tailor: is a much more corporate-feeling platform than these others but that shouldn’t stop you trying it. There’s a ton of features, low fees, mobile integration, a CRM, marketing and outreach tools and a whole lot more.

There is more emphasis on engagement and outreach here, which can be very useful for creating relationships. Creating tickets is easy and you can promote and sell them using your desktop or your phone. is American and bills in dollars, but otherwise offers no boundaries for events.

Pros of

Cons o


Eventbee is a well-established ticketing system for events based in the US. It has some well-known clients and a reputation for being reliable and stable as a platform.

Eventbee uses a template system for creating tickets and event pages that makes building the PR simple. The page and event tickets integrate seamlessly and come with outreach tools to help build the buzz.

It’s more expensive than some of these other event ticket systems but is well worth checking out.

Pros of Eventbee:

Cons of Eventbee:

Those are six of the best event ticketing software we have tried so far. There are plenty we haven’t and we haven’t finished yet.

However, we think any of these fits the bill if you’re looking for an online event ticketing system for your next event!

Do you have any suggestions for ticketing systems for events? Tried any of these and have feedback of your own? Tell us about it below!

Want to find out more? Download our FREE Event Management Guide
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