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12 Event Management Blogs You Should Follow

Last updated February 8th, 2022

If you have spent any time at all looking at the many hundreds of event management blogs out there, you’ll know they come in all shapes and sizes. They are also a real mix of quality or quantity and only a few deliver both.

If you’re looking for top event management blogs, aside from Event Academy of course, you’re in the right place!

We have also spent time looking at the various event management blogs out there and have compiled a list of some of the better, more informed ones.

Some are British, some international and some US-oriented. They are all genuinely useful in one way or another so are well worth checking out.

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Event Manager Blog

The Event Manager Blog is an excellent resource for everything to do with events. It may not be the most attractive website in the world to look at, but the quality and quantity of content is up there.

It’s also very readable, the writers know the industry and they aren’t afraid to show their sense of humour either.


Bizzabo is an event planning software company that delivers a solid blog.  For once, it’s a corporate blog that’s about much more than just promoting themselves.

Topics are insightful, timely and offer actionable advice and tips where relevant. It’s American but readable for the rest of us and covers every aspect of events, planning, execution, marketing and more.


BizBash is another American event management blog but it’s another readable site for the rest of us too. The blog covers all aspects of events including news, reviews and how-tos as well as the usual promotions and ideas.

The tone is friendly and lively and very easy to read. While you’ll see lots of Americanisms, they aren’t as bad as some and shouldn’t detract from the high quality content.


Eventtia sells event management software but also provides a decent blog. It’s another American site that’s readable for the rest of us and delivers lots of insights, tech innovations and news around events.

Aside from the blurry images, the quality is high. The content tends to be overly wordy and spends 100 words saying something you could say in 10, but otherwise it’s a useful blog to have bookmarked.

Endless Events

Endless Events is also run by an event software company but also delivers quality content most of the time. There is filler content in the blog but overall, the team comes up with genuinely useful content.

Endless Events are American and written for a US audience but some of the less specific posts have global appeal. The podcasts are also posted in the blog which can be insightful too!

OFD Consulting

OFD Consulting is a PR company that manages weddings and events. Their blog is surprisingly good for wedding events companies as it comes at things from a slightly different angle.

There is a lot of marketing and PR content as you would expect but it’s all high quality stuff, written by people who genuinely know the industry.

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The Eventbrite blog is another event management blog worth following. It’s part self-promotion and part genuinely useful but comes up with some very actionable ideas, news, insights, interviews, reports and other good stuff.

The writing style is relaxed and easy to read while the content itself is of a high standard. It’s well worth adding to your bookmarks to see how the wider industry is performing.

Connect Association

The Connect Association is a US magazine that has an event management blog. While a lot of the content is firmly aimed at the domestic market, some of the insights and ideas can work over here too, which is why this blog is useful.

We often spot an idea or theme on here that we note down for our own future use. For that alone, it’s worth reading!

Event Marketer

As event marketing is a specialisation that is always changing, the Event Marketer blog can help you keep up. It’s frequently updated, insightful and worth taking note of.

Even though it’s mainly about the US, it’s another source of news, innovation, tech and marketing that you can use for any reason, any time. That’s why we like it!

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings is a relaxed event management blog that tackles topics such as wellness, social media, influencers, strategy, trends and news. It’s much more informal than some, yet just as informative.

Some won’t be relevant to the UK market but a lot of posts will be. All are well written, feature movers in the industry and provide insights we wouldn’t necessarily think of ourselves.

Event Tech Brief

Event Tech Brief looks like a hobby blog at first but it’s actually an excellent resource for event technology. It’s written by insiders and people who know their stuff and that comes across in the writing.

The site isn’t the easiest to navigate (hint: archive for older posts), or has the best layout but once you get past that, the actual content is good. That’s the reason we recommend it.

Tigris Events

Tigris Events may be last but it’s certainly not the least event planner blog. It’s a stylish blog that covers a lot of event marketing topics and offers genuinely useful ideas and insights into making the most of your marketing spend.

It also includes idea posts, showcases and ideas. While the post layout isn’t the best, (wall of text anyone?), but once you get used to the layout, it’s well worth reading.

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