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Top Tips For Learning From Home

Last updated May 4th, 2020

At the start of this year, phrases like "virtual classroom", "onlive lessons" and "distance learning" weren't really part of our main vocabulary but times have changed, and fast.


Here at The Event Academy, we have always championed online learning but we have also adapted to changing circumstances and introduced virtual learning so our students can continue to study. So alongside many universities a new normal has developed but it does present challenges. How can you best study? How do you ensure that you can focus when surrounded by all your home distractions? We put together some top tips to help….


Create a study area …

Although this may seem obvious, it’s important that you mark out a specific area for your study. Ensure that you take care to create a good environment that you are going to be comfortable in. Maybe get some inspirational notes on the wall next to your area, check you have a decent chair and make sure you position yourself to be able to spend time there happily. You may need to adapt a shared space – for example a kitchen table – so try and set boundaries of when that space is your alone to use.

… and keep it tidy

It’s hard to be disciplined to work at home, and even harder if the place is cluttered.  It’s important that you are not surrounded by piles of dishes or laundry or you won’t be in the right head space. If you need to, set time aside to have a quick tidy up each morning before you start – it will make for a calmer environment and a more productive day.

Keep socialising

Although you may miss being in lectures with your friends and socialising in person, reaching out and connecting with staff and other students can maintain a sense of community. Use the online systems to maintain social contact. Try setting up Whats App groups or using free platforms like Slack to communicate. Whether it’s to share ideas or just some silly meme’s, or even just to have a moan, that interaction will help you and others.

Recognise that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be easier than reading a complex text and taking notes. Don’t overload your day with too much heavy lifting – divide your work in to manageable time slots and take proper breaks. It’s easy to get locked into a project and not be able to walk away – particularly in the evening when you need to relax and unwind. So ensure that you have a division between work time and down time.

Be clear when messaging

As with other social media platforms, a simple misunderstanding in writing can quickly escalate. Try and ensure that you are clear in what you are asking and always think before firing off a message. On discussion forums you may find that some who don’t speak up in class have more to say – which is a good thing. Embrace the change and take part in the discussions.

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