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Event Magazines That Are Genuinely Worth Reading

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

It is the most exciting and rewarding job on the planet. There is nothing quite like the buzz of delivering a live ‘show’ - often with no rehearsal - it's creative, energetic, intense & totally varied . No day is the same

Lorne Armstrong, Director, The Event Academy

There are thousands of websites and online magazines all vying for our attention. Some are worth reading and others are not. This article is going to help you sort the former from the latter.

We have researched as many event management magazines as we could to sort the wheat from the chaff. We read, collected, collated and rated each to assess whether we think they are worth your time and offered genuine value.

The event magazines we list below offer both those things.

Event Industry News

Event Industry News, as the name suggests, is a general news site covering a huge range of event-related topics. It’s a UK-centric website that does cover international stories.

It has a very useful news section as well as lots of features, interviews, podcasts, videos and a recruitment section if you’re looking for a job in events.


Stand Out

Stand Out is another internet event magazine that covers the UK market. It’s a good read for event managers and anyone in the industry. It’s well written, informative and covers a wide range of subjects.

It’s a generalist site but provides a broad overview of the events industry and the various goings on. There is also a recruitment and tender section and a supplier directory which is kept fairly up to date.

ding, to raise funds for a nonprofit, to thank employees for a great year, to promote a brand and so on.

You’ll likely set some tangible and intangible goals for the event to achieve. Tangible goals could be to raise a set amount of cash for a nonprofit or hold a successful wedding with no hiccups. As long as they are specific, measurable and attainable, you’re all good.

Intangible goals could be raising awareness about a charity or good cause, recruiting new interns for a company or showcasing a new product or service to a new audience.

Once you have the brief, objective and goals in mind, you can move on to event organisation.

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MeetingsNet is an American events magazine that covers mainly North American news and events but is useful for gathering inspiration. It can also be useful to see the industry from a different perspective, even if they manage things slightly different over there.

There is a lot of information on the site though including white papers, webinars, interviews and general information.


Meetings & Conventions

Meetings & Conventions is another US-centric event magazine that offers a different perspective. It has a different style to MeetingsNet and covers more global event stories for a good spread of news, views and interviews.

This is mainly a news magazine but does offer destination guides and resources, including reviews on event-related products and services.

Endless Events

Endless Events is an events blog that offers similar quality and breadth of content as many of these magazine websites. It is run by the Endless Events company and offers insight into trends, technology, running, planning and a whole lot more.

This blog also has a weekly podcast that can be worth a listen.


The Main Event

The Main Event is a British events magazine that is both digital and in print. It’s a relaxed publication that covers news and views from the UK events industry as well as providing advertising and PR for other events.

There is a pretty decent A to Z directory for services and suppliers, which is particularly useful.

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Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog is actually more of an event magazine than a blog, covering a wide range of news, current events, insightful articles and ideas. It’s a Skift brand, so includes lots of actionable advice, ideas for events and lots of resources you can use for inspiration.

The blog also features videos from industry veterans and some free resources that include reports, white papers and occasional eBooks.



BizBash is well known in the events industry for offering lots of useful insights into even technology, styling and various tools for event managers. It covers the usual range of industry news but also has a very useful venues and destinations section.

There is a lot of research material here from how to style events, technology, venues, partners and more. It’s an excellent resource for any event manager.

Trade Show News Network (TSNN)

Trade Show News Network is another North American event magazine. This one is more useful for its resources than its news as it all seems to be very US-centric.

The resources are well worthwhile though. They include interviews, tech innovations, product showcases and more. While less relevant than some of these other sites, if you want to know what’s coming, keep an eye on TSNN.


Event Marketer

Event Marketer is an online events magazine with a print version too. It’s aimed at marketing but covers a huge range of topics. It has a global view and covers a lot of technology, trends and innovations around marketing events.

This is one of very few magazines that cover what is an incredibly important aspect of event management so is definitely one to bookmark.

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Techsyttalk is an events blog run by Liz King Caruso and is another event magazine site to bookmark. It’s a US site but covers a wide range of topics relevant to the UK market.

It talks a lot about technology, introduces new tech, predicts future tech trends and offers valuable insight into managing technology and utilising it within events.


Those are some event magazines we think are worthy of your time. They cover a huge range of subjects, regions and topics and deliver a global view of our amazing industry.

Which event magazine do you read often? Have any to suggest? Tell us about them in the comments!

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