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Event Management Positions

Last updated October 16th, 2012

Just imagine your future career.
You’ve looked at lots of training providers, you’ve made your choice and worked hard getting your Event Management Diploma from Event Academy (where else!) and now you’re qualified to apply for the pick of the best event management jobs and ready to turn your dream into reality…
There are numerous event management positions appearing regularly on job boards, LinkedIn sites, Facebook groups. There are even some listed under jobs in marketing within publications such as event magazine and in the job sections of broadsheets and tabloids. Roles range from event managers for party planning companies, production or account managers, conference or exhibition managers, or event organisers for blue chip financial road shows.
If you’re looking for event jobs in London there are hundreds to choose from each week, posted by conference and event management agencies or party planning companies as well as a variety of organisations which frequently need to advertise jobs in marketing. Companies which advertise their event management jobs are always on the look-out for fresh, original corporate event ideas to keep their clients happy and their businesses thriving.
As you look forward to finding your first job in conference and event management, you will be brimming with fresh (and invaluable) corporate event ideas, whether it’s a truly original launch party for a new product or glitzy awards ceremony. We will train you so you’ll be able to take a brief and turn it into reality.
At the EventCourse we believe in creating powerful learning experiences that go beyond the classroom setting. We design our courses to make learning active, engaging and effective. We ensure our students are given the best chance of developing the skills to build successful careers in conference and event management.
But competition for the top positions is fierce so we have established a strong network of industry partners within the events industry who know the high level to which our graduates work so they can hit the ground running and produce a memorable and successful event. Such experience goes a long way towards landing that first job.
Our partners choose to work with us because we foster a positive and flexible ‘can do’ attitude in all our students. This can make the difference between an event being run like clockwork, delivered on time and within budget (keeping clients happy) or turning it into a stressful and costly mistake for your client.
We have an unparalleled reputation for delivering world class event managers who are ready to launch their career in conference and event management. Indeed, the majority of our placements lead to a job with the company.
Quality training will help pave the way for you to apply confidently for jobs in marketing and give you the pick of event management positions and other fantastic event management jobs.
There’s little doubt that conference and event management is a vibrant and exciting sector to be in, so why not look at our courses to see which one suits your needs?

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