Perhaps you’ve got an enthusiasm for sports in general, or a particular field of sports? Maybe it’s about rising to the challenge and being the ultimate team player in bringing a premier sporting event together?

Whatever your motivation or inspiration, being a sports event manager is a challenging role where it’s not enough to just take part – it’s about contributing to a winning team and delivering results.


A Day in the Life of a Sports Event Manager
Of course, there’s no typical day because the days before, event day (week or month) itself, and the days after will all involve a sports event manager in very different tasks – but what they all have in common is the need to get things right.

So, as a sports event manager you’d certainly be managing:

  • All logistical aspects  – the what, where, how and who of the event;
  • The purpose and branding of the event – the why, behind the whole proposal;
  • Financial aspects – more who and how, plus how much, as financial aspects of sports event management includes sponsorship and funding, negotiation and contracts;
  • Expertise and event-environment specifics – the event manager is the go-to person for all those where, who and plenty of what-if questions, such as who will officiate, where is there a suitable outdoor venue for the numbers expected and what if there are safety and security concerns?

To get an idea of just what’s involved behind the scenes, check out the event-managers’ perspectives on successful elements behind three major sporting events: Wimbledon, Soccer Aid 2014 and the Rugby World Cup.

Seems like a big challenge? You’re right – it is! But, it’s the hours of training you put in which impact on results – it’s true for sports event managers as well as sporting participants, and it’s just as crucial to access the right kind of training.

Thankfully, Event Academy offers superb event management courses which level the playing field in this competitive industry and deliver work-ready sports event managers who are vital additions to event teams!


How to Get into Sports Event Management
The best way to get into sports event management is to join the Event Academy team! Whether you study with us live in London or online from wherever you are, our event management courses offer:

  • A thorough education in all aspects of event management;
  • Volunteering and work experience opportunities (varies according to course);
  • Industry-respected, CIM-accredited qualifications;
  • Access to our vast network of industry contacts and partners.

Our courses include volunteering opportunities and even a 3-month work placement, on our Postgraduate course, where we really try to match you with an area of interest, as Hayley discovered on her placement at M&C Saatchi: Sports & Entertainment.

Sporting Event Opportunities - From Exciting Roles to Big-Name Brands and Companies
Since the success of the London Olympics 2012, the UK sporting event industry has been a consistently growing field. Event management in the sports arena includes (but isn’t limited to) roles such as:

  • Sports venue management – Wembley, Twickenham anyone?
  • Charity sports event manager – charities big and small use sports events as awareness and fundraisers.
  • Sporting authorities and governing bodies – The FA, for instance.
  • Other sectors – including health and local authorities, who often run sports events as part of local and national compaigns.

And the list goes on, as working in sports events isn’t just about opportunities linked directly to a sport. Many large corporations and brands have marketing and entertainment arms which can include sponsoring and running their own sports events – think of companies such as Red Bull, Nike, Addidas.

It’s also possible to work with agencies such as CSM, PSG, and Octagon, to deliver sporting events for big names and top international events.

Event managers with a record of success, experience and qualification find they’re able to access plenty of opportunities, and our event management qualifications can really help you to establish that professional track record of your own.

Sports Event Management - Our Expert Lecturers
At Event Academy, we’re all about learning through experience – and we don’t just mean your own! All our lecturers are event industry experts, delivering live events as well as lecturing for us … so you can learn through their experiences too.

Our lecturers also offer their own areas of expertise – so if you’re looking to get into sports event management, you’ll be learning from those who’ve reached the top of their game in delivering sporting events, such as:

  • Richard Bradshaw – with expertise in safety and production, including international sports events and prime-time TV.
  • Justine Kane – our course director is also an award-winning entertainment and arts industry expert and a star lecturer across our Diploma and Postgraduate courses. Her event management career has included high-profile sporting events, working alongside royalty and celebrities.

And of course, our lecturers don’t just stand up and tell you all about it, they also show you through on-site visits to events they’re involved in, something which has a real impact both on your learning experience and your professional experience, as Hayley found on her Postgraduate course:

“It’s brilliant to see how the lecturers actually work when they are on site.”

Our courses readily include this level of immersion with the work of professional event managers, because our aim is simple: this experiential basis for all of our learning content should really enhance your own knowledge, practice, network, opportunities and prospects when it comes to being warmed up and ready to go, in a sports event manager’s role!

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