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Lead the Team – Become a Sports Event Coordinator

Last updated November 10th, 2017

Sport has a big role in the UK’s entertainment industry and economy, generating £20.3 billion in 2010 (Sport England) – and that’s even before the phenomenal success of that ultimate UK sports event, the London Olympics in 2012!
Fast forward to 2017 and sports events generate such huge revenues and engagement that successful Sports Event Consultants are commanding salaries of over £51,000 a year, and Senior Events and Operations Managers over £74,000 according to Glassdoor.com.
Every one of these well-paid professionals had to start somewhere – and had to prove themselves fit enough not just to be on sporting event teams, but to lead them.

After all, every team needs a leader and the ultimate in team-working and delivering under pressure comes when you’re leading sports events – whether a charity 5-a-side tournament, a corporate sports day or the London Marathon!

If you’re already showing talent in logistics and organisation, transferring to coordinating sports events still means upping your game as there’s plenty of competition for professional sport event management roles. So, if you’re feeling stuck on the bench waiting for an opportunity, how can you level that playing field and get out there ..?

On your marks

It goes without saying that all aspects of logistics, organisation, communication and promotion should be part of your event coordinator kitbag, regardless of what type of event management role you want.
But for coordinating sports events, there are many additional responsibilities that you’ll need plenty of practice in:

So, that’s your warm-up and you know what’s expected! Adrenaline now pumping, it’s time to make your move…

Get set

As with all athletes and sports professionals, the things most likely to let you down are lack of practice and in inexperience about what it’s like out there. So, it’s essential to get as much professional events experience as possible. The most recommended ways to go from inexperienced to expert in your knowledge and practice include:


Volunteering is a great way to gain vital experience and contacts, and also boost your:

When it comes to getting on the sports event coordinator career ladder, what potential employers are looking for is real evidence of success in leading events. So, although volunteering is essential for anyone looking to gain a professional event management role, it may be hard to gain that overall management experience: as a volunteer the most responsibility you can expect may be leading an event aspect, such as ticketing, refreshment sales reception, stewarding or leading a small team of other volunteers within the event itself.
To fill this gap the answer could be ….


Taking a qualification in event management or marketing can literally be a way to train and gain your way into sporting event management. Professional training options which lead to event management qualifications include university degree courses or vocational training, such as an Event Academy course.
If you already have a degree, such as in business, communications, tech or PR, taking a Postgraduate course to help practice and develop existing skills in an events context is also highly recommended.
With events-training, you’re specifically looking to achieve:

Then, with experience and a respected, accredited event management qualification behind you, you’ll be ready to go for goal.


At this stage, the chances of accessing your dream sport event coordinator role might increase with additional experience of the salaried kind, so it’s usual to start off in a related sports / events industry role to get your career going. You might want to consider roles such as:

Any of these types of roles offer useful stepping stones on the sports event coordinator career path, as well as exposing you to the right opportunities for making a professional move.

Finally, like all live events, sports events – and particularly those which develop a healthy return on investment, as well as a love of the sport – are a growth sector. If you can prove yourself fit for the role and successful in delivering your personal best each and every time, then becoming a sports event coordinator could be a career-best opportunity.


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