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Career Path: Music Venue Manager

Last updated October 13th, 2017

From local theatres and music clubs to arts hubs and city arenas, the career potential for successful music venue managers is huge – and as you’d expect, where the role’s potential is extensive so are the responsibilities involved!
Then of course, as with every type of event management role, all of those issues which crop up unexpectedly, such as blackouts, sound system failures, and cancellations will require the music venue manager to step in and save the show!
So what’s involved and how can you get onto this career path?

The role

The job of a music venue manager broadly involves overseeing the daily operations of a music venue. This might be in a single venue – from a small local theatre to a vast city arena, or may relate to a venue centre – a location made up of several venues, such as City Arts complexes and regional arts centers.
The role itself may be defined as music venue manager, but could also be referred to as Arena Manager or Production/Facilities manager, depending on the remit of the venue and of the responsibilities you’re required to fulfill. Speaking of which …

The responsibilities

Now, as with all job descriptions, the responsibilities outlined below are not the only activities and duties required of a music venue manager! However, they do offer a useful insight into some of the fundamental tasks of the role:

The right person?

Every music event manager has to bring not only enthusiasm and energy to all of those tasks listed above but also capability and efficiency across that whole orchestra of skills which are essential for performing successfully in the role:

The route into a role

Working in the music industry is a popular preference, and working in events is also a fast-growing and exciting career choice, so the combination of these two factors makes music venue management a highly competitive area of event management to try to break into. As with many event roles, one vital way to position yourself into the right place, at the right time, is through gaining as much experience as possible. Ideally, you should be aiming to offer elements of all of the following ….

If you can’t find a venue to volunteer at, remember to be persistent. Instead, perhaps offer your services to a charity and put on your own charity event, as a way to get both your experience and your portfolio started!
Remember, a mainstay of outstanding professional music venue management is successful performance – if yours is successful, the venue’s will be too! To help you build the confidence to do this, many of our courses offer work experience, volunteering opportunities, and CIM-accreditation so if you want to know more, please ask!

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