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Get Event Experience: Organise a Royal Wedding Event

By AlexMarch 30th, 2018


Getting involved in local events by volunteering to run one or by helping out can be a great way to gain experience and start building a portfolio, to support a move into professional event management.
National events offer a great opportunity to get creative with event ideas which involve communities in celebrations and as this year includes two royal weddings there’s plenty to inspire you. But of course the big one that’s grabbing most of the headlines is on May 19th 2018, the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle – so with less than two months to go, how can you get an event going and use the wedding as a window to your career future?

Why do?

Organising a local event which can help boost your experience and volunteering portfolio, but of course that’s not the main reason for getting involved. The main reward from volunteering to run or take part in an event going comes from the real sense of community giving, sharing and communicating.

We are gathered here today …

Having decided that running an event is a good idea, the next big question is what kind of event should it be? Outdoor events are always a popular way to bring communities together and, with the Beasts from the East hopefully far in the past by May, taking your event outside could make it a real gathering …

If anyone knows any just cause…

Private events are of course that, and apart from the usual boundaries of law, respect, awareness and sensible behaviour that we’d all extend to our neighbours if we’re holding a party, there may not be any additional aspects your event needs to comply with, from a legislative aspect.
However, if you’re holding an event in any kind of public setting, particularly a street party, then liaising with your local council is essential because – just like a wedding – there’s likely to be a licence involved! Happily though, with an event of huge national interest such as the Royal Wedding, many local councils have been urged by the government to waive charges for street party road closures, so it’s really worth making the local authority one of your first points of contact at the ideas stage, and also as a way of checking there isn’t a specific reason why the event you’re planning shouldn’t go ahead, or be held in the location you have in mind.

I will …

By now you should have plenty of ideas for holding an event or finding a local one to offer your volunteer services in and get that experience extended. If you feel that time’s beaten you for getting involved in running your own this time around, don’t forget:

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