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What Are the Salary Expectations of a Charity Fundraiser?

By BossAugust 23rd, 2017


Many of us tend to think of working as a charity fundraiser as being rewarding in the sense of giving, rather than receiving. However, if you’ve got a flair for finance and funding, then working as a charity fundraiser could be financially rewarding for both yourself and the charity you’re working for.

Salary expectations

According to TotalJobs, one of the UK’s top job vacancy websites, the average salary for charity fundraisers is £22,493 (as of August 2017). However, this average covers a large range, across starting salaries from as low as £15,000 to the higher salaries of around £60,000 for established professionals:

Salary progression

Progression across salary scales and access to higher salaries can be influenced not only by the skills, knowledge and qualifications brought to each role, but also by any specialisms and evidence of successful charitable fundraising on offer:

Charity fundraiser roles

Charity fundraiser roles can take on several forms and the skills you have can make you a more natural choice for one of these, such as:

So how do I earn my charity fundraiser salary?

How you earn your salary will be reflected in the job description and any level of responsibility your specific role brings. So, a new-to-role charity fundraiser with no background or qualification in the role may be responsible just for generating funds to start with, or have a low level of responsibility for door-to-door and street collecting, in collaboration with volunteers.
However, it’s possible to start higher up (or progress quickly) by gaining the experience and qualifications which lead to fundraising roles with greater responsibilities, such as:

As with effective event management, being a successful (and higher earning) charity fundraiser is about raising client engagement, so in all cases, being able to achieve engagement underpins any successful career in the charity sector.

Other expectations?

Finally, what are the hidden aspects which influence what you can expect to earn as a charity fundraiser?

So, whether you’re looking to break into charity fundraising, or to improve your progression and salary prospects in a current fundraiser role, taking up event education or training which includes opportunities to gain experience (through volunteering and in-role learning activities) and which puts emphasis on client engagement (essential when fundraising) can be a way to financial success for charities and yourself.

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