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How RFID Can Transform Your Events

Last updated August 21st, 2018

We’re in the digital age of event management – but not just in presentation and performance! There’s another element of digital delivery which offers the potential to transform the running of your event into something extremely smooth, streamlined and sophisticated without causing you extra logistical headaches.

RFID – what and how?

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is a wireless digital data management system related to NFC (Near-Field Communication). RFID offers the wireless transfer of data, which is encoded onto RFID discs (also known as tags), which are captured by a reading device, using radio waves.
This system is similar to barcoding systems used in stock and information management, in that the captured data can be stored as part of a database. However, the fact that RFID uses radio waves means its user applications are much wider. For instance, traditional barcode reading systems require barcodes to be fully aligned with the scanner, whereas RFID systems can read beyond the line-of-sight of the reading device. Additionally, data can be incorporated into “smart labels” for ease of use and quick transfer of data.

The easiest way to explain RFID technology and its applications is by looking at how it’s already in popular use: Oyster cards. offers a great explanation of how the RFID technology works within Oyster cards and future use of the technology.

Although this technology has been around for about 50 years, it’s only now that we’re starting to become really familiar with what it offers for mainstream use – specifically as it’s the technology behind current contactless debit and credit card systems. And it’s this contactless form of communication and convenience which is really starting to emerge into event management.

RFID – excitement in events

RFID systems are compact to use, requiring hardware of just tag + reader + antenna. The tag itself can form part of a label, or even be presented as a digitised accessory, such as a wristband. As such, it’s an exciting extra for both managing and delivering event experiences:

RFID for improved event experiences

Across these many applications, using RFID technology enhances event experiences for participants on all sides: those responsible for delivering and evaluating the events, and those attending them.
Enhanced attendee experience
The use of RFID in event management has already been shown to …

Enhanced execution and evaluation of events
When it comes to delivering ideas, executing events and evaluating outcomes, including client engagement, RFID is developing a popular following amongst event managers through:

This type of quick-check safety monitoring also has other important health and safety implications, as health and dietary information as shared by attendees can be encoded so that organisers can be aware of allergies and disabilities.

Overall, RFID has the exciting potential to not only transform event management with digital delivery, but also increase engagement not just with technology, but with the events themselves!

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