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The Benefits of Branded Garments for Corporate Events

Last updated October 20th, 2017
As if we didn’t have enough deadlines, event organisers now have to worry about T-shirts! Thank God for express printing. Professional planners have to make sure that every detail is in order so attendees leave with the best impression possible. After all, if anything goes wrong it is our fault. Unfair but not any less true. That’s what comes with being the thread that pulls all of the pieces together. What we wear is not exempt. It is common for event planning teams to wear uniforms during events — these can go from a simple black T-shirt to a formal suit — the benefits are obvious. They give a sense of organisation and professionalism but they’re far from being the only ones. When done well, branded garments can offer great benefits to the event manager. During events, branded garments are mostly used as either uniforms for organising and/or as souvenirs for attendees …

Branded garments as uniforms for teams

Versatility allows for creative expression T-shirts and most other garments can be modified in countless ways. Starting with printing techniques, the results can go from a subtle two-colours stamp to a hyperrealistic design done with DTG printing that covers the entire piece. If personalised T-shirts and/or hoodies are too informal for your brand then you could consider embroidered polo shirts as uniforms which offer the comfort of a tee with the formality of a button-up shirt. This versatility makes it is easy to control the way your brand is perceived. Comfortable teams are happy teams Corporate events tend to be long, sometimes for several days — and that’s not even counting the pre and post-production time. So in order to make the long hours bearable, it is important to provide a comfortable uniform for our teams. Hoodies, T-shirts, polo shirts and vests (if it’s hot enough) all offer a lot of comfort and can all be easily personalised. Some printing agencies can even print onto shorts and jogging pants if required for a sporting event or a team-building activity. Distractions are less likely to occur Sometimes, the fashion sense of others cannot be trusted. When there’s no dress code in place, there might be a chance for someone to become sloppy, show up with a revealing cleavage, or worse, wear a T-shirt with an offensive slogan. There’s no need to put on suits and high-heels but a few guidelines have never hurt anyone and can greatly change the way people perceive you. Camaraderie — an added bonus Uniforms level the playing field for the people who wear them. Studies suggest that a more casual attire can increase camaraderie and creativity among the members of a team. But just because it’s casual, it doesn’t mean it cannot be branded. Suggest embroidered polo shirts or a printed T-shirt as uniforms to keep both the good feelings up. When we wear the same type of clothes, we feel like we’re part of the team. People who feel that they “belong” have an enhanced sense of pride for the cause they’re working for. Creates a Professional Image Just like having a website and a good-looking business card, a uniformed staff gives a sense of professionalism. Not only will your client think more highly of you but also those you’re managing. Time Saving Branded garments save time in more ways than one. When there is no uniform, a dress code must be implemented which means to spend time on putting it together and then enforcing it. Our morning routine gets faster as well since we don’t have to think about what to wear.
Bonus tip: Some may not realise that wearing uniforms increases safety. Simply put, when everyone is dressed in a similar fashion, it is easier to spot a stranger among the group.

Branded garments as souvenirs for attendees

Production can be inexpensive It all depends on the details, of course, but when done correctly, producing branded garments can be very inexpensive. Here are some tips to make production as cheap as possible: It can also be fast Nowadays, automated screen printing machines can produce up to 150 T-shirts in an hour — maybe even more. Also, agencies like Printsome offer express door-to-door delivery services which, depending on your location, can sometimes be as fast as two days. If you think about it, branded garments can be a last minute solution. Everyone knows what they are Branded garments are universal — especially T-shirts. Love them or hate them, we all own them and we all know how to wear them. Which is why they’re always safe to use as a souvenir. If it’s too ‘conventional’, you can always give them a spin by printing a 3D or even an AR design. Advertisement everywhere they go As long as the print remains visible, every time someone wears your branded garment, they will automatically turn into a walking billboard for your brand. Corporate clothing will allow you to market your company. So, a person with a logo printed on their clothes becomes a walking ad: personalised workwear is an extension of your brand. Long-lasting (when taken good care of) As long as they’re well kept, garments outlast any other type of advertisement. They last longer than ads on magazines, TV commercials and even online banners. Think about it, how old is the oldest T-shirt that’s in your wardrobe? Exactly. Loyalty is earned Whenever a high-quality product is given away for free, these tend to increase brand loyalty. It’s simple, who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially well-made stuff. The moment you give away something for free that people can use, you’ve earned their trust — or at least their gratitude. Never out of style Ever since they became part of the everyday wardrobe, T-shirts and hoodies have never been out of style. It doesn’t matter if it’s now, in 10 or 50 years, these garments will always look cool. To top it off, logo T-shirts are kind of having a comeback now.

Final words

If you ever have to convince your client into producing T-shirts for an event, here are the key points from this blog post … Branded garments as uniforms Branded garments as souvenirs Remember that at the end of the day, you want to give a lasting impression. Nowadays, the world of events evolves around “experiences”, which means that conforming to the status quo is no longer enough— even when it comes to branded garments. In order to stand from the competition, innovation is necessary.
This blog post is brought to you by Printsome, an online agency that has been revolutionising the apparel printing industry in the UK for the past four years. We pride ourselves in our high-quality T-shirts, quick delivery, and awesome customer service. If you need printed garments, don’t hesitate to give us a call.
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