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We announce our Charity of the Year

Last updated October 10th, 2014

Building skills and confidence with young people

Event Academy’s charity of the year – Ambition care about improving the futures of young people across the UK. Celebrating its 90th birthday in 2015, Ambition has a long history of supporting the work of local youth clubs and community projects by providing expertise and funding to organisations working locally with young people. Through its quality standards framework and inspirational national programmes, the charity drives up standards for work with young people. All of which are vital to giving them the best chance of success in their lives.

Our Charity of the Year

Event Academy is proud to announce we have recently joined forces with Ambition as our Charity for 2014-15. We are inspired by Ambition’s approach to training and leadership development (for example, delivering the Lion’s Quest Skills for Adolescence Programme . Event Academy is founded on a firm belief in the need to equip our future employment sector with the skills to be successful, and it is clear that Ambition are driven by the same fundamental principles. It gets us excited to know we support work that makes young people’s lives (and all of our futures) better. As part of our Event Management training we challenge our students to work on live projects. We know the best way to learn is by experiencing event management as an event manager, including PR, fundraising and project management. We task students in groups to run live projects in order to provide a truly experiential learning opportunity. Our past students have exceeded all expectations and, as well as passing with flying colours, have raised substantial sums of money for various charities in the process of creating their events. We are thrilled to be able to donate the money raised to charity organisations and to support work that we believe inspires and improves lives, particularly in the current climate where funding is increasingly difficult to secure. Hence the current programme in which, we create a year long partnership to support a selected charity by donating the proceeds raised through our Postgraduate live events. Our Director of Education, Claire Derrick, on why Ambition is close to her heart and why it means a lot to her to support the charity: “We see a strong link between helping young people build their confidence and skills and getting their voices heard in the community and in the workplace. Ambition and Ashdown compliment each other in a shared passion for developing confidence through experiential group learning.”

How will this partnership support Ambition UK?

As well as donating the money raised through our live student projects running from October 2014 to September 2015 we can provide other practical sources of support. Fundraising enables Ambition to run a variety of national programmes to meet young people’s varied needs. Ashdown will work with Ambition to place one of our students for a 3mth internship. As well as benefiting one of our students interested in developing a career in the charity sector, the three-month internship will support events development at Ambition. Event Academy will also give a complimentary place on our Level 4 Online Diploma in Event Management to a young person in Ambition’s national youth club network to enhance their professional development. We are also pleased to strengthen our partnership by offering assistance with volunteers for Ambition events and giving our students the chance to meet with and talk to Ambition staff to get a feel for the requirements and challenges of working to promote a charitable organisation. If you would like to find out more about Ambition and their work or would like to know about working in partnership with them please visit their website. If you would like to find out more from Event Academy about our intern placement scheme for your organisation please get in touch via the website. If you are interested in finding out more about our specialised Event Management training please check our open evening details and our course information pages .
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