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Event Management Internships London

Last updated December 4th, 2018
Internships and work placement opportunities in event management

Are you interested in an events management career or perhaps you are already an event planner but looking for further training in events management?

Our courses are structured around a core principle of experiential learning to give you training in events management that will lead to you being successful in finding events manager jobs. A key part of the CV of a successful event planner will be real experience of the industry and the best way to build this as a student is by through planning an event management internship.

Where else better to start an events management career than in the City of London?

How will an event management internship help me?

One of the key things employers look for in event management recruitment is genuine on the job experience. All the training in events management you do is important, but nothing beats being put in a real situation and then having real work experience to demonstrate to an employer when looking for events manager jobs. Not to mention the importance of networking and making contacts to support you in your events management career.

Event management recruitment is competitive and, like finding work in any other sector, if you are aiming high then you need to demonstrate sound proof of your ability to deliver results. There is always a catch-22 between training and getting the necessary experience and the truth is that you’ll need both if you want to succeed as an event planner.

Think how much more confident you will feel going to a prospective employer being able to talk about your experiences of an event management internship, demonstrating your actual skills in the field by way of practical examples.

Also think about how much fun you’ll have building up your own collection of event planner anecdotes, because isn’t that all part of why you’re signing up for this? You’re not going to be one for the standard 9-5 approach to work if you’re looking into becoming an event planner.

Getting your event management career off to the right start

Everyone seeking training to focus their career options needs to be thinking carefully about how to achieve what they are aiming for. A pragmatic approach is a must. Being in the heart of London, at universities in London, we’re right in the middle of the buzz and bustle of the capital and have connections to help you find the right event management internship to really kick start your adventures as an event planner.

So if you want to get ahead in terms of competitive positioning within event management recruitment, start thinking about your internship now and let your imagination soar. Don’t think that theoretical training is enough for a successful events management career and don’t underestimate how much you’ll get out of an event management internship.

Remember, London played host to the 2012 Olympics which offered some fantastic opportunities for our students. What could you be at the heart of, which could open the door to the events manager jobs you’ve been dreaming about?

Article by Louise Winters

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