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Jobs at Festivals

Last updated June 3rd, 2013

If you’re deciding on a career in events management, a popular area to break into is festival organiser jobs. Thanks to the burgeoning number of outdoor events which have sprung up in recent years there’s more work at festivals to be found than ever before.
Jobs at festivals range from roles such as stewarding, wrist banding, shop and bar work, back stage, recycling and litter picking. It’s a great chance for students looking for summer jobs to bolster their CVs either as volunteers or paid workers.
Festival work 2013 is being advertising already, with some events such as V Festival and Reading starting to recruit for the following year as soon as the last beer can and tent has been cleared away.  As far as events jobs go, work at festivals is short term unless you’re able to find festival organiser jobs which involve planning months ahead for road closures, booking stage acts, health and safety management, branding and marketing, booking catering, and security to name a few.  One of the perks of work at festivals is enjoying free entry to the event as well as the luxury of having separate camping, showers and toilet facilities!
One of the big lures for students seeking summer jobs or festival organiser jobs is the free pass to outdoor music events such as Glastonbury, Latitude or Womad. Day tickets average at £80-90 and camping options take the price significantly higher.
Before you qualify as an event organiser, you’ll need to do plenty of volunteer jobs which will not only give you valuable experience but will add some sparkle to your CV!
Temporary work during summer months is very competitive. Because of the money that can be made working a lot of hours, plus the free access workers gain to the event means these jobs go fast. By being prepared and applying early to events jobs will put you in ahead of the crowd.
However, be aware that many people who work at an event already work for the venue, vendor, sponsor or organization or live events agencies that are putting on the event so you’ll need to know which company is really behind the big show in order to land the plum job.  One route worth exploring is big charities such as WaterAid or Oxfam who regularly recruit volunteers to work at festivals on their behalf.
By far the best way of finding festival organiser jobs is to gain an accredited qualification from reputable training providers such as Eventcourse – we’ve placed hundreds of students into events placements and  jobs, with many of our Alumni having a ball at the myriad events held during the festival season in the UK.
By Juliet Quantrill
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