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Tech update: Periscope for live events

Last updated September 22nd, 2015
We like to bring you the latest thinking and tips for event managers and lately we’ve been getting our heads around the newest trend in social media: social live streaming to your fans. It’s already proved a huge hit for the fashion industry. We expect event managers to really get to grips with it over the next 12 months.
If you’ve not yet used Periscope or Meerkat, the idea is that anyone can use their mobile phone to record anything live and share it with their followers. Periscope also allows you to broadcast to your Twitter followers so you can reach people without them signing up for a new service.

Here are our 5 top ideas for using Periscope to make your events stand out:

1) Backstage interviews

Use periscope as a backstage pass for your audience by broadcasting interviews with your key players or superstars for your event. This would work well for a sporting event or for a festival, for example where your audience will be waiting around for chunks of time before the match or between acts.

The key thing to remember here is the ability for your audience to write comments in real time, so make sure you have things set up to relay any comments to your video stars so they can respond live in the broadcast.

2) Share live demos

We’ve been to loads of foodie festivals and we love a good cookery demonstration. Don’t just stop at broadcasting on a big screen, how making people wish they were there when they still have time to get out and join in? The National Trust and their famous tea rooms are using it brilliantly to show how to make classic tea time treats.
This would also work for a corporate exhibition and streaming a product demo. By making sure your demonstrator or colleague can reply to any live comments you can reach out to people who want to be there, but can’t for any reason.

3) Stream keynote speakers

Taking another twist on that idea, if you are organising a conference like TEDx or WIRED, consider live streaming sections of your keynote speaker talks to widen participation beyond your in-person attendees.

You probably don’t want to live stream all your speakers, or even a whole talk as you want to maintain the value of buying a ticket. However, you can build up a buzz outside the conference venue by sharing segments from the interesting speakers and encouraging debate from the audience at home.

4) Tour of the venue or building

If you’ve gone to all the trouble of securing a fabulous venue for your event, why not share it and show your fans around a bit? Dan Snow recently gave a tour of an empty Westminster Abbey live on Periscope.
Everyone enjoys a behind the scenes glance and you can use this to amplify the buzz around your event or to promote ahead of your event and increase ticket sales.

5) Encourage your attendees to broadcast their experience

Of course, if you can live stream your events on your mobile then so can your attendees. And they will! Major sporting events like Wimbledon are already banning attendees from using live streaming apps. In your role as event organiser you may need to consider copyright issues and how exclusive your event needs to be.
If you can have an all clear for attendees to stream their own live videos, imagine how much extra buzz that’ll create. This could be a really powerful tool for extending the excitement beyond your event or persuading someone to buy a ticket for the next one.
If you’re interested in the latest trends in event management and event production and are looking for that next step into the industry then take a look at our courses and see if our know how can support you in shaping your future.
Check our courses and download our online brochures here or call Karin our Head of Student Recruitment on 0207 183 5129 to find out more.
Featured image by Wonderlane used under a Creative Commons license
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