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Find the Perfect Venue on our Event Training Course

Last updated June 12th, 2012

As an event manager one of my passions is venue finding. Some may call me nosey but there’s nothing I like more than to hook up with a hotel to view its facilities, wander through ancient buildings or marvel at a state-of-the-art event space. Am I crazy? Maybe, but over the years I’ve built up a great database of venues in the UK, China, UAE and US.
It is important that students on my event training courses know how to successfully interpret a client’s requirements and find the very best venue for their budget. During our session about Venue Management students delve deep into the ethics of venue finding, how venues operates and how best to build relationships.
There is no better way of learning about this exciting area of the industry than by completing either our part-time evening Diploma in Event Management or our full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management. But in the meantime I’ll give you my top tips for finding and getting the most out of that perfect venue:

Understand your role as a venue finder

Your client cannot be expected to know the ins and outs of venue finding, so it is your responsibility to ensure that their needs are catered for in every respect regarding a venue. Make sure you get a full brief from the client and have them visualise the look and feel of a venue.

Create easy-to-read documentation

Once you’ve begun your venue search you’ll soon have lots of information to examine. Ensure you create a spreadsheet of potential venues that is easy on the eye. Include information such as hire cost, location (nearest tube if in London), facilities, etc. and any other areas specially requested by your client.

Research the most appropriate venue and conduct a site visit

There is no point in taking a brief from a client and then giving them something that is totally different to what they want. Time is precious and you’ll want to show your client two or three of the most appropriate venues that will WOW them and be fit for purpose. It is YOUR job to visit a potential venue and REALLY get a feel for it. Explore every nook and cranny including the toilets!

Negotiate with the sales team

We are in the middle of a recession and although venues need to make a healthy profit, bear in mind there are always deals to be had. Always put communication in writing and be fair in the way that you deal with sales staff – if you are up front with them and treat them well, they (in the main) will be fair with you.

Build great relationships

When you confirm a booking your event will be passed to an account manager who will work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly. Make sure you build a good, honest and open relationship with them – it will serve you well in the later stages of planning and on event day. There is no excuse for being rude or placing unrealistic demands on them. Instead be polite and listen to their advice – after all they know their venue inside out…their support is priceless!

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