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United Nations Association: We The Peoples Film Festival

Last updated September 13th, 2018

Film-Festival: 8th – 22nd November 2014
First meeting: 4th June 2014, 6.30pm
6 Months Project

Would you like to be involved with the organisation of one of the most interesting and exciting film-festivals of the year?
The annual We The Peoples Film Festival is organised by the United Nations Association Westminster Branch, affiliated to the United Nations Association (UNA UK) which is the UK’s leading source of independent analysis on the UN and a nationwide grassroots movement for peace, development and human rights.
The We the Peoples Film Festival is Europe’s longest running film festival which has screened more than 150 films from 50 countries on human rights, development, security and peace. The festival will screen a range of features, documentaries, shorts, and host debates with industry professionals & decision makers.
In 2014, the We The Peoples Film Festival will continue to raise important issues associated with the United Nations Three Pillars of Freedom: from want, from fear and the freedom to live in dignity.
We The Peoples Film Festival is now in its 9th year, and passionate and enthusiastic students of Event Academy have helped with the organisation for the last two years.
Event Academy is delighted to collaborate with the United Nations Association Westminster and is very proud of its students for doing an outstanding job every year!
Responsibilities include:

If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity for the United Nations Association’s ‘WE THE PEOPLES FILM FESTIVAL’, please email Karin on [email protected] and tell her why you would like to volunteer for the film festival.
Karin is looking for a dedicated and committed team!

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