Worried that corporate event management might be boring and same-old, compared to ‘sexy’ events such as festivals and celebrity events? Well think again because corporate events can be some of the biggest out there!

Of course, corporate event planning is just about as big an umbrella as the term ‘corporate industries’ itself, so corporate event managers could find themselves responsible for conferences, seminars, exhibitions and awards events, to name just a few and with a modern focus on technological development, digital delivery and virtual interactions, there’s plenty of scope for an exciting and rewarding career for successful corporate event managers.


A Day in the Life of a Corporate Event Manager

Event managers are busy people, in fact, it’s mostly the busy part that the days have in common – it’s the tasks and challenges which vary daily! As such, every day will bring its own set of unique tasks and challenges, depending on sector, project and its goals, any of which could include:

  • Idea proposals and pitching
  • Brand management
  • Goal-setting
  • Schedule management
  • Event logistics – yes, basically everything from the venue to catering, decor and entertainment, exhibitors, speakers and presenters.
  • Digital recording, media and social media campaigns
  • Marketing, evaluation and feedback …

… Yes, about that last one. For success in events, evaluation and feedback is always essential but the corporate world takes this to a whole new level. Generally, after a wedding, party or entertainment event, the planner usually knows instantly if it’s been successful, but with corporate events, the true measure of success may not come until much later, once numbers have been analysed, attendees have completed evaluations or signed up for services even several months down the line.

Measuring success in quantifiable ways is an absolute must for corporate event management, and is a professional skill required for the role, but if this is a gap in your CV then don’t worry, successfully completing any of our courses can help you fill the gap with professional skills.


How to Get into Corporate Event Management

If you think you have what it takes, that’s great, it’s a fantastic branch of events to get into. However, competition is rife in the corporate world – and corporate event management is no exception! Networks and experience come top of the list of your must-have skills for getting you even the slightest chance of a salaried role, but thankfully, this is where our industry-respected, CIM-accredited qualifications come in.

Postgraduate alumni Victoria Smart found her course not only presented her with the door to her corporate event career but also the confidence to walk right in there and get started! With her work placement with Clarion developing into a full-time salaried role, Victoria’s now immersed in corporate events!

Read about Victoria’s success

Whether you’re switching careers, improving your current event management skills or starting out with event management, we have courses which can fit flexibly with your needs, whether online study or full or part-time live learning here with us in London. You can also study at whichever level suits you:


  • Foundation – an intensive, level 3 qualification to introduce you to the events industry.
  • Diploma – a level 4 certified qualification covering everything you need to know about the fundamentals of event management – and then some!
  • Postgraduate – a level 7 qualification with an initial 3 months of learning, volunteering and practice, followed by 3 months of work placement.
  • Degree-alternative – progressing from level 3 to level 7, this combination of our Foundation, Diploma and Postgraduate courses is around a third of the cost and time of a traditional degree course and offers live event management, work placement and individual mentoring.



Corporate Event Management Career Opportunities - from Exciting Roles to Big-Name Brands and Companies

The great news for would-be corporate event managers is that there are many roles out there for the right professionals. Being part of an in-house event team, often part of an overall marketing team, is possible across all sectors, including for UK and global corporations, many of which are household names and international brands: from Nike to BMW, Topshop to Red Bull.

Many other corporations work closely with event agencies, such as Clarion, Jack Morton, and WRG. At Event Academy, we work closely with Clarion to provide our Postgraduate students with industry-relevant, work placements, many of whom go on not only to achieve their qualifications but also to gain roles in the sector, again working with some of the biggest names out there.

This was certainly the experience for Maarten De Ruyck, Postgraduate alumni, who came to Event Academy specifically wanting to work with brands. And he wasn’t disappointed – during his time with us, he worked with brands including EE, WRG and the Teenage Cancer Trust, then worked with Clarion on placement to deliver an international government-level event.

Read about Maarten’s experiences


Corporate Event Management - Our Expert Lecturers

At Event Academy, we’re all about learning through experience – and we don’t just mean your own! All our lecturers are event industry experts, delivering live events as well as lecturing for us … so you can learn through their experiences too.

Our lecturers also offer their own areas of expertise – so if you’re looking to become a corporate event planner, you’ll be learning from those who have a successful track record in delivering successful events in the corporate world:

  • Rupert FitzMaurice – our very active Director of Event Academy, Rupert FitzMaurice offers his career experience in his lectures which include event management in the corporate world. HIs inimitable focus on engaging people rather than processes has made him not only sought-after in corporate event planning, but also in leading lectures and seminars which empower as well as educate, here at Event Academy,
  • Rachel Hamilton – Project Director Rachel offers diverse expertise and an enviable skill set which ranges from success in both music and entertainment events to enviable achievement in commercial and corporate events. Our students find they’re inspired by Rachel’s passion not to just deliver events, but to deliver high impact experiences.
  • Rosie Ham – Event Producer Rosie’s events experience working across the vast corporate sectors of finance and media means she offers real insight into team-leadership, corporate project management, and corporate engagement. Rosie is also acclaimed as a career role model for many of our students, including alumni Victoria Smart.

In his Postgraduate course, Maarten De Ruyck found the lectures to be perfectly pitched to help support learning, understanding and experience of not just what it is to manage events, but what’s really behind being a successful event manager:

“The lecturers are really professional and engaged, and bring a real positive energy to their lectures and to the students.”

And of course, our lecturers don’t just stand up and tell you all about it, many also involve you, with on-site visits to in-progress events they’re working on, something which has a real impact both on your learning experience and your professional experience.

Our courses readily include this level of immersion with the work of professional event managers, because our aim is simple: this experiential basis for all of our learning content should really enhance your own knowledge, practice, network, opportunities and prospects for stepping into a corporate event management role.


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