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Career Building with We the Peoples Film Festival

Last updated November 6th, 2014

When we are not running the Academy and making sure all our students are well supported, enjoying their studies and getting set up for a career as top notch event managers, the staff at Event Academy (somehow!) find time to pursue our own passion for events.
Of prime importance in providing the best quality training is our passion to be a part of live events happening here in London both as attendees and event managers. One of the fantastic volunteering opportunities for current students arises from our links with the We the Peoples Film Festival happening in London from 8th- 24th November 2014. Now in its ninth year, this festival’s ground breaking approach initiated the world’s first festival of films on international development by young directors.
As you may already know, we at Event Academy are passionate about anything that helps young people develop the skills and the confidence to create their own successful careers by pursuing their vision. We the Peoples Film Festival 2014 is bringing together young film makers to raise awareness of Kofi Annan’s Millenium report and the Three Pillars of Freedom. This free event with its huge positive ambition is an event manager’s dream, involving a huge number of volunteers and supporters to put together just over two weeks of events and screenings. The aspirational nature of the event, particularly for anyone with an interest in film making to create social impact, makes it a truly unique event to be part of. That is why we are so pleased to be able to offer our students hands on, on the job training by volunteering at the festival.
What is breath taking about this as a volunteering opportunity for our students is the sheer diversity of tasks and roles our volunteers are required to fulfil. Not for the faint hearted, volunteering on this event can involve commitments spanning several months including getting stuck into shortlisting the films to be screened, rating all of the films, programming for the festival, connecting with the featured directors, promotion and publicity for the event, fundraising and budget management.
A very different experience to joining a live events team to support logistics on the day, this covers many of the topics taught in the modules of our event management courses. As a result it gives our student volunteers tangible, demonstrable experience in applying all those valuable skills they spend their time with us learning. It also gives the opportunity to network with a wide range of contacts including suppliers and venue managers, up and coming film makers from across the globe and other event management professionals.
Are you interested in being a part of making world class, ground breaking, socially impactful events a success that attendees talk about for months afterwards? Are you prepared not just to sit in a classroom and learn the theory, but to throw yourself in feet first to a busy schedule of practical learning sessions and live volunteering opportunities to build your CV as an events professional and a stand out event manager?
If the answer is yes, we’d love to hear from you because Event Academy can offer what you need to get yourself involved in events like We the Peoples Film Festival and be able to say to your friends, family and industry peers “I did that, I made that a success” about some of the most exciting events in London.

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