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What does it take to be a top-class Wedding Planner?

Last updated June 24th, 2015

It’s that time of year again, it is definitely wedding season! Obviously we love a good wedding (who doesn’t!) but as event managers, we also look forward to swapping ideas on wedding planning while wedding fever seems to be in the air.
So what makes a wedding planner special and why would happy couples look to you to plan their wedding? Read on to find out about the skills and expertise required to be a phenomenal wedding planner and how our training can help.
1) Stress reliever (or Super-organised planner)
Your job as a Wedding planner is to make the run up to the big day and also the day itself as stress free for your clients as possible. Are you the kind of person who loves organising everything and keeps a terrifyingly close eye on the details? Then your calling is probably to organise other people’s events, especially weddings. This means you will give the happy couple the gift of enjoying their own wedding and they will definitely be grateful!
2) Supplier & Venue guru
Clients will pay you for your expertise dealing with different suppliers and the supplier relationships you’ve already established. You’ll be the one giving advice on which caterer is best for the bride’s family’s dietary requirements and you’ll also have a knack for choosing interesting and inspiring venues to make your clients’ day into something unforgettable.
3) Creative expert
Do you love coming across an unusual venue or imagining different colour combinations? Are you the person your friends go to when they want creative ideas on doing something a bit differently? Your talents will be invaluable as a Wedding planner as couples look for something unique for their special occasion.
4) Budget Ninja
No, not a ninja in a second hand balaclava, we mean someone who can rock the budget for a given event and wring every last bit of value from it. Your clients will expend a lot of energy worrying about money and your job as a wedding planner is to be their secret weapon armed with ideas and recommendations for how to get the best value and have a beautiful wedding.
5) You are the expert!
As an event professional (whether you specialise in Wedding planning or not) your clients will look to you to be their expert on producing an amazing event that will be talked about long after it finishes. The sense of achievement you’ll gain from getting it right will be indescribable – imagine making a career out of it! No two days will ever be the same and you’ll never get trapped into a boring desk job.
To find out more about how our courses can support you to become the expert everyone else looks to, take a look at our courses here. We offer a range from our Certificate course for school leavers  to our PG course for graduates who are also looking for a work placement.
Featured image by Lindsey Child, see here for attribution and license.

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