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Who Studies With Us?

Last updated January 25th, 2021

If you’re worried that you won’t ‘fit in’ if you were to take one of our courses, please don’t! Our courses are full of students from all kinds of backgrounds and stages in their career, and there’s a place for everyone here.


Head shot of Event Academy alumni male

We have students of all ages, experiences, dreams and ambitions.

We also know that being an Event Management expert is not restricted by age so don’t be put off if you are unsure.


You may have turned to The Event Academy for one of many reasons, so let’s chat about who tends to do our courses – but REMEMBER!

It’s down to you if you want to do a course – we welcome all ages, experiences & demographics – well provided you are over 18 that is.

Maybe you are in your first job around the age of 20-25, you are fed up and want a real career.

Your paycheck is just a paycheck, but you are now a bit bored of work and becoming less willing to get out of bed for it.

Events may have been an unacknowledged love and you’ve recently realised this is your dream job.

Maybe you’ve done a few events and you want to get a solid Postgraduate qualification?

You might well be interested in the Postgraduate work placement that can ensure you get straight into the workplace.

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If you are a creative person on the search for your perfect job or you’ve hit a glass ceiling you might need a change of career.

Maybe you’ve been stuck in a job for all your twenties and 30 is coming up fast – do you still want to be stuck behind a desk? Maybe it’s time to release all the brilliant ideas stored in your head.

You might consider studying our Part Time Diploma so you can carry on working – or maybe you’d like to do a course online and then go for a Postgrad qualification.

You might also be really interested in taking up places on our Volunteering opportunities to build your CV and make industry connections.

Head shot of Alumni Max talking about his experience of the Foundation Certificate

Or maybe you’re just finishing up school, your parents and school are pushing you to go to Uni or at least make a decision – argh – the pressure!

If you are 18-19, wanting to discover your purpose and wanting to try new things. You may also be slightly anxious as ‘what do you want to be/do?’ is a question you are hearing more often than before.

Maybe you just want to dip your toe in and try a week long Foundation – or maybe you’d like to do our Degree Alternative to get ahead of the rest of your mates by fast tracking into a job.


 There are also a large number of our students who are event professionals or at least have some experience of running events who have hit a glass ceiling.

They are determined and career focused, ready to go to the next level. Our Diploma or Postgraduate courses can not only beef up your CV but also introduce you to a new network of contacts to go for the next big job!

You can also use your course to build your CPD points and be ready to go for a pay rise and more responsibility – our Intensive Diploma could be perfect for a quick hit!

There are so many people who study with us for all different reasons, whether it’s full-time, part-time or online,  we’ve got you covered.

Head shot of alumni talking about her success on the course

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