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The Enterpreneur and The Event Manager

By Tania TilbrookJanuary 29th, 2016

Our students go on to do amazing things. You’d expect us to boast about it, but we have the evidence to back it up. We’ve been chatting to another former student who is Director of her own luxury weddings business specialising in fashion shows and weddings.
Petra Truneckova is also close to opening the doors of her second niche business and she only graduated from us in 2013. We found ourselves wondering if she ever sleeps …

“I knew I couldn’t become part of the corporate world – I would die!”

Petra took the Diploma course in November 2012, completing in February 2013. She was running a restaurant and nightclub in Spain, realised she was most excited by creating and managing events and decided to find out more. She came to use for an overview of all the different kinds of events from private parties right through to corporate events.
She soon realised that bringing her personality to her events is what she loves most about the work. When starting out it was her personality that drew clients to her and got her 6 wedding bookings in her first year.

“I treat every wedding as if it is my own. I put everything, my body and soul, into it.”

Are you the kind of person who loves a challenge and settling for the norm simply isn’t enough for you? Petra describes herself as an entrepreneur who loves a challenge. What she loves about her specialism in same sex weddings is the challenge of working with highly creative, very demanding and sometimes difficult clients. Her clients won’t settle for anything conventional or run of the mill and neither will Petra.
Does that sound at all like you – are you the kind of person who won’t settle for anything but the best? Do you want to bring your whole self to your work and make an impact on other people’s lives?

“Having been a Fashion Show Director at LFW, organising someone else’s big day is like a walk in the park”

Petra is Director of Bellus Events, creating and managing private parties, weddings and fashion shows. She has worked as a Fashion Director at London Fashion Week on multiple occasions. With so many people to co-ordinate under such huge pressure, there is always something going wrong and Petra is always ready to keep things on track. Her calm approach at a fashion show also works really well in her role as wedding planner.
Petra brings all her different life experiences to the task of running her own business and so her work life is truly an expression of her whole personality.
Are you looking for the next challenge? Want to set up your own business and be the master of your own future, but not quite sure where to start? With a huge palette of different events and niches within each, you might find your life’s calling.
Browse our website to find out more about how we can help you. Our next Diploma course starts in February and you can book on an open evening to come have a chat with us about your next move.

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