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Celebrity & Private Parties

Celebrities are often involved in events as well as hold their own from award ceremonies and fundraisers to private parties and birthdays – the life of a celebrity event organiser is action packed!

A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Events Manager

There is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a Celebrity Events Manager. You’re likely to be faced with regular tasks, such as communication, organisation and logistics, negotiation and marketing – but when it comes to working with or alongside celebrities, your event planning days will certainly involve enhanced levels of:

  • People skills and communication.
  • Security and risk assessment – often involves lots of additional planning, scheduling and attention to detail.
  • Marketing and publicity –you’ll be expected to be hot on the PR and even work with the celebrity’s own team.
  • Confidentiality – there’s a high level of trust involved when a celebrity commissions an event manager or events agency staff – not only to manage a private event for them, but also to behave appropriately with their guests (such as not commandeering them for selfies)! Professionalism is paramount.

All our lecturers are event professionals and have plenty more advice on what’s involved in the day to day, as well as how to make your way in this highly competitive industry.

Check out our interview with an event manager: our own Claire Derrick, Director of Education

Getting into Celebrity Event Management

Getting into celebrity event management relies heavily on the amount of experience you have. This can be hard to get, especially at the ‘private’ end of celebrity events. However, there are ways to increase your experience and chances of success:

  • Volunteer at general events which have celebrity involvement, such as charity awards and sports tournaments. Charities welcome volunteers as it helps them to keep overall costs low and maximise fundraising, and it can mean you gain some great experience and opportunities to network.
  • Volunteer at industry events which naturally involve celebrities. For instance, our students and alumni have the chance to volunteer for the event team at The Brits: making a real difference to the smooth running of the event itself and to their own CVs! Read more about what some of our students said about having this opportunity through Event Academy.

Taking our industry respected, CIM-accredited events qualification which offers access to volunteering, hands-on experience and maybe even a work placement in this area of event management.

Whether you’re switching careers, improving your current skills or starting out with event management, we have courses which can fit flexibly with what you need: online, or full, or part-time live courses here with us in London. You can also study at whichever level suits you:

  • Foundation – an intensive, level 3 qualification to introduce you to the events industry.
  • Diploma – a level 4 certified qualification covering everything you need to know about the fundamentals of event management – and then some!
  • Postgraduate – a level 7 qualification with an initial 3 months of learning, volunteering and practice, followed by 3 months of optional work placement.
  • Degree-alternative – progressing from level 3 to level 7, this combination of our Foundation, Diploma and Postgraduate courses is around a third of the cost and time of a traditional degree course and offers live event management, optional work placement and individual mentoring.

Career Opportunities

An events role within many sectors such as charity and corporate can offer the chance to work with celebrities. Working with Event Agencies can also boost your opportunities in the world of celebrity events.

For talented freelancers with an eye for event management in the celebrity sphere, setting up your own event company is also possible.

Working with PR agencies which may be media, brand-development and entertainment-based offering celebrity-centred potential.

Our Expert Lecturers

At Event Academy, we’re all about learning through experience. All our lecturers are event industry experts, delivering live events as well as lecturing for us, so you can learn through their experiences too.

If you’re energised by the glitz, glamour and excitement of celebrity events, then you’ll have the chance to learn from our experts who have a successful track record in planning and delivery in this highly-demanding sector:

  • Laura Carter – Celebrity Event Manager Laura brings her wealth of experience in high-end event concept and delivery, VIP involvement and how to be a successful professional in this very competitive events career.

Postgraduate Maarten De Ruyck found the lectures to be perfectly pitched to help support learning, understanding and experience of all aspects of event management.

“The lecturers are really professional and engaged, and bring a real positive energy to their lectures and to the students.”

Our lecturers don’t just stand up and tell you all about it, many also involve you, with on-site visits to in-progress events they’re working on.

Our courses readily include this level of immersion with the work of professional event managers.  This experiential basis for all of our learning content will enhance your own knowledge, practice, network, opportunities and prospects when it comes to celebrity event roles.

Can’t find a sector or unsure which suits you best? We are here to help.

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