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If you are skilled in negotiation, gaining sponsorship you could be delivering successful events which result in engagement and much-needed funding for a charity in ultimately one of the most rewarding of all events roles.

A Day in the Life of a Charity Event Manager

Charity event management is hugely diverse. From a research conference, to charity awards ceremonies, to gala dinner fundraisers; to live arts or music events, to fundraising auctions and exhibitions locally, nationally or internationally – you could well be involved in all of it!

Whilst it’s impossible to outline a typical day, it is possible to make sure you know which key skills areas any charity event manager must be able to bring to the role:

  • Objective Setting – the event manager is integral to responding to and delivery of the client’s objectives.
  • Market awareness, marketing, and negotiation – strong ability to identify the target market to produce results.  Marketing the event to sponsors and participants, negotiating the charity’s interests with sponsors.
  • Creativity – coming up with creative ideas which inspire enthusiasm, interest, and participation is crucial to securing interest in the event.

Our CIM-accredited qualifications mean that expertise in marketing is embedded in each course and our hugely experienced charity event expert lecturers will inform and involve you in all the essentials for the role!

Read more about what’s involved in creating charity events.

Getting into Charity Event Management

Volunteering is essential for gaining experience for a career in events and the charity events sector offers plenty of opportunities.

It can be easy enough to do this yourself, by contacting charities, but it can be hit-and-miss as to whether you gain the relevant experience to really enhance your career. When you choose one of our courses you’ll have plenty of access to valuable volunteering opportunities:

Read about some of our students’ experiences of volunteering at the London Marathon and at the Ambition Royal Gala Dinner at Kensington Palace.

As alumni Ammar says, the volunteering aspect of Event Academy courses “gives you an appreciation of everything that goes into making an event successful, that you can’t get from the lectures alone.”

Whether you’re switching careers, improving your current event management skills or starting out with event management, we have courses which can fit flexibly with what you need: online, or full, or part-time live courses here with us in London. You can also study at whichever level suits you:

  • Foundation – an intensive, level 3 qualification to introduce you to the events industry.
  • Diploma – a level 4 certified qualification covering everything you need to know about the fundamentals of event management.
  • Postgraduate – a level 7 qualification with an initial 3 months of learning, volunteering and practice, followed by 3 months of optional work placement.
  • Degree-Alternative – progressing from level 3 to level 7, this combination of our Foundation, Diploma and Postgraduate courses is around a third of the cost and time of a traditional degree course and offers live event management, optional work placement and individual mentoring.

Career Opportunities

Charitable event roles are extremely varied and can include professional event roles which focus on:

  • Fundraising and marketing
  • Creative solutions
  • Sponsorship, recruitment, and engagement
  • Corporate strategy

With many national and global charities, such as Greenpeace and Oxfam involved in major events such as the Glastonbury Festival, a charity event manager could find themselves working in event-specific roles.  There are also opportunities to work alongside global brands or corporations who want an in-house event professional to develop their corporate strategy for charitable giving.

Charity event management is a vast area! If you’d like a wider view on salary and role expectations for charity event managers, check out our popular blog post on the subject.

Our Expert Lecturers

At Event Academy, we’re all about learning through experience.

Our lecturers offer their own areas of expertise so you’ll have the chance to learn from experts who have a successful track record in planning and running events which really deliver:

Claire Derrick – as Director of Learning here at Event Academy, lectures from Claire involve accessing everything you need to know about event management. Claire’s vast specialist skills include working with global charities, Royalty and celebrities, negotiation and all aspects of marketing and finance needed to ensure that charity fundraising events achieve what they set out to. Claire’s also innovative and inspirational when it comes to challenging events which engage much-needed awareness and funds for charities.

Kirstie Christie –From the UK-wide participation of Race For Life to celebrity involvement in Stand Up to Cancer, Kirstie’s our go-to guru when it comes to organising charity events which deliver funds, awareness, and success! Our students gain huge insight into the world of negotiation and how to pull in celebrities and PR opportunities to help charities.

Our lecturers don’t just stand up and tell you all about it, many also involve you with on-site visits to in-progress events they’re working on.  This will have a real impact on your knowledge, practice, network, opportunities and prospects of becoming a professional Charity Event Manager.

Can’t find a sector or unsure which suits you best? We are here to help.

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