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Feeling stuck & want to improve your career prospects? Or you’ve started ‘helping’ with events and want to know how to do it professionally?

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I love my current job, but it involves event management and I haven't received any formal training. How can an Event Academy course help me?

Even a job you love can bring frustrations, particularly if you feel your capability, competency and confidence could all be improved by a little more professional know-how!

This was exactly the situation for Jemma Smith, who enrolled on the Postgraduate course so she could remove her frustrations from being involved in event management, but without having any formal training. What Jemma really wanted to do was improve her skills and knowledge, as she shared at the time:

“I needed to learn fundamentals that would propel my career in the direction I wanted.”

In Jemma’s case, this was certainly successful for her, developing both a professional career and a passion for event management. Check out Jemma’s story.

I’ve started taking responsibility for events in my current job - and I love it! How can I build my skills in this as a possible career path, without giving up the day job?

It’s great when you love where you work, who you’re working for and with. So when your role starts to develop in a new direction that you also love, such as managing events for the company or its clients, you can suddenly find yourself compromised between wanting to stay where you are and improve your skills and prospects, or move into a new career role. After all, you know you need to improve your skills in event management, to keep both options open.

This is what happened for our alumni Patricia Beaumont, who wanted to improve her event management skills and career prospects for her existing role. By studying the Online Diploma, to fit in around the demands of her working and family life, Patricia found herself performing her role in a much more skilled, capable and confident way. What’s more, thanks to the CIM accreditation of the online diploma, Patricia learned new skills in marketing and now supports that side of the business.

Read about Patricia’s amazing career development since studying the online diploma.

I’ve reached the limit of my current knowledge and prospects - how can an event management course help?

Event managers are multi-skilled, multi-talented people! When it comes to putting talents such as creativity and team-building into practice, alongside skills like communication, marketing and problem-solving as part of our courses, it’s impossible to come out the other side without improving key skills and career prospects across a range of possible roles and careers.

Take Matt King. His existing role was admin-based, but studying our Online Diploma tapped directly into a creative talent he didn’t even know he had and exposed him to the sales and marketing side of event management. Read how Matt’s experience of studying events has enhanced his future career.

Zainab is another example of someone who wanted to develop her skills, improve her prospects and gain global events experience. After several years in the Nigerian event industry, Zainab wanted to upskill specifically by experiencing how events are run in the industry capital of London, something which has been really valuable in supporting her skills and experience.

“I would really advise people, especially those like myself who have been in the business for years and think ‘oh well, I don’t know, oh well, this course won’t really have so much for me’ … you will be surprised what you’ll get from it!”

Hear Zainab’s experience of studying Postgraduate Event Management course in London.


I want to improve my skills and prospects, but I can’t fit in full-time study because I’m working

At Event Academy, we’re adamant that needing to hold down the day job shouldn’t hold you back from gaining the skills you need to follow your career ambitions or improve your prospects. As such, our courses have been designed with as much flexibility as possible to fit into your life.

  • Our Live Foundation Certificate in Event Management is designed as a (very) intensive one week course which offers an introduction to the events industry and a chance to build knowledge and practical experience. Because the course is delivered in just one week, it can be accommodated through Annual Leave from work or can even fit into CPD training if your current company is happy to fund this.
  • Similarly, the Online Foundation Certificate can be completed as an intro to the industry, to help you refresh existing event management skills and can be completed in your own time.
  • If you prefer more in-depth study, but again without the full-time obligation, then our Live Diploma can be studied part-time, two evenings a week.
  • Patricia was unable to travel to London to study with Event Academy, but she found studying the Online Diploma to be the perfect solution for meeting the demands of family, work and improving her professional practice.

I’m interested, but what if I need:

  • To gain professional skills quickly? From start to finish our Postgraduate course takes just six months: three of full-time study and three of full-time work placement – so in less than a year you could be working as event professional thanks to a CIM-accredited Event Academy course.
  • An introduction course, to help me find out about the event management industry? Our Foundation course offers an intensive introduction to the events industry, so you can find out if your graduate career lies in events.
  • Flexibility in how I study? Check out our online courses or our part-time Diploma course.
  • The excitement of studying events in London? Our live courses all take place in London.

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