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Our Online vs Live Courses: Choosing Your Best Option

Last updated August 31st, 2018
Decided event education’s something you really want, to help springboard your event management career? That’s a great decision and one which can really set you apart from other event management hopefuls. How? Because getting a thorough education in events, or improving and showcasing informal event experience through gaining a qualification can make a significant difference in this exciting, but highly-competitive industry. Finding the right provider is of course essential … and if you’re reading this because gaining a qualification which is accredited by the Chartered Insitute of Marketing (CIM) is another thing which appeals, then you’re in the right place! That’s because, as many of our students have found, marketing’s an essential skill to bring to event management roles and formal accreditation of this through the CIM is something which can help your event role applications stand out.
Our students often tell us that making the decision to study events with Event Academy is the easy bit – it can be much more difficult choosing from our extensive online course options or deciding to study events with us through our ‘Live in London’ courses. With that in mind, we thought it might help to look at a few of those situations which our students and alumni tell us influence their final choice from the Event Academy course options, to help you explore your options and see if online or live courses offer the best study solution for you …

#1: Convenience of learning without giving up the day job?

You want: study options which fit in with working full or part time. Your options:

#2: Yearn to learn about live events in a city context?

You want: to start gaining events experience straightaway; experience of running events in London; to start building a network of professional contacts for London events. Your options:
Alumni Ammar chose the Postgraduate Live, and suggests: “You don’t have to know which bit of the events industry you want to be a part of to get started. If you love communication, get yourself in the thick of it.”

#3: Want events experience as part of the course but not sure you’ll get it with an online course?

You want: to build skills and understanding of event management, but also gain valuable experience. You can’t get to London, but you’re unsure you’ll gain the experience you need by ‘just’ studying online. Your options: All our online courses include:

#4: Not going to uni?

You want: An affordable alternative to studying events at university, which won’t take 3 years but instead has the potential to will lead you quickly into this fast-moving industry. Your options:

#5: Keen to find out more about events but without committing to long-term study (Foundation course, diploma course – both live and online).

You want: the chance to find out more about working in events, perhaps to boost your current role or to explore events as a possible career. Your options:

#6: Really want to move into events but can’t attend courses live in London?

You want: to be able to study from where you are – whether that’s another part of the UK, elsewhere in the world, or even when you’re on the move. Your options:  As you’ll already have read, all of our online courses offer complete flexibility, so you’re not tied to being in London, or even in a UK city – our courses are delivered through a dedicated portal which you can access wherever you are.
Alumni Louisa, fitted in her event management studies around family and an international house move. The flexibility of the Online Diploma was something which really made a difference for her – and she recommends being aware of the time difference when it comes to deadlines, if you’re planning on studying from outside of the UK.

#7: Life’s a bit chaotic and unpredictable, or you have other resposnibilities and priorities, such as a job and family.

You want: to work at your own pace – either super-quick or much slower; you may need to start off with online study but would like to come to London to study as well. Your options:
Check out alumni Patricia’s experience of fitting in her event management studies arond her job and family.
To be honest, what we’re really going for is bringing our students the best of all worlds: flexibility of online study, and the chance to learn live in London. Hopefully, if you recognise one of those situations above, you’ll now have a better idea of how you might study a CIM accredited qualification and get into events with us. Whichever course and method for delivery you choose, you’re assured of full support, access to our event industry experts (and some of their contacts) and the chance to build up your own events network. Want to find out more?
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