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Events Industry Secrets

Last updated December 9th, 2015

Have you ever been to an event and thought “I could do this better?” If yes did you stop to wonder about all the things behind the scenes that add up to make everything run smoothly?
As with most things in life, until you’ve been in the situation of doing it yourself it’s difficult to know all the tiny details that really matter. That’s why experience is so important when you are looking for a job and is something employers really care about when they read your CV.

Get behind the scenes

Ever had a full on site visit at a top London venue, pitched for a live brief with a household name client or volunteered to work at an star studded event? Ever been part of a team that creates a spectacular fundraising event, raising several thousand pounds for an inspiring charity?
Wouldn’t you love to have a peek into how it all works and what happens behind the calm, polished presentation of a high profile event?

See it from all angles

Our Director of Education, Claire, loves taking students on site visits. That experience is always a real eye opener. Have you ever thought about how much space there really is in the kitchen of a big hotel? Or how the corridors backstage at a live music venue are tiny, even if the main stage is huge? Ever seen how much kit is crammed into the production room and how chaotic it gets for the technical team?
It is so important to remember that as an event manager you are always working as part of a team. Your job is to plan, negotiate and co-ordinate. You could be working with a venue manager, a front of house team, caterers, waiting staff, security, production team, performers, celebrities, event sponsors, a team of volunteers and more.

Been there, done that

Nothing brings it home better than talking to the venue manager about how they book the space out. Or having a walk through on site to see exactly what route your guests need to take when they arrive or to find the toilets.
How can you expect to brief your team and co-ordinate celebrities to a minute by minute schedule if you haven’t literally walked the path yourself?
If you’re not sure what’s next in your career then have a look at our Foundation Certificate where you’ll get that hands on experience. It is a brilliant opportunity to find out if event management is your dream job. Our other courses offer a number of entry points to the industry to suit your previous experience, lifestyle and other commitments. We believe in practical, career focused training no matter how you study with us.
For more information please call Karin, our Head of Student Recruitment on (0)20 7183 5129 or email [email protected] for a chat about your options.
Featured image by wsilver and used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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